Take Action On The Tariffs

On July 10th, the Trump Administration released a new round of proposed tariffs on an addtional $200 billion worth of US imports from China. The list of proposed products to face a potential 25% tariff includes sports bags, knit hats, safety helmets and ski gloves. SIA vigorously opposes this action as these tariffs will place undue financial stress on our manufacturers and the network of snow sports retailers and specialty shops across the country. We're asking the US Trade Representative to remove these products from the list.  

Before a decision is made on the final list of products, the US Trade Representative has opened the process to public comments until September 5th. We now have a chance to weigh in and remove the products from the USTR list. Here are some ways you can help:

The specific products of concern are:

  • Ski gloves (Subheadings 4203.21.55, 4203.21.60)
  • Knit hats (Subheadings 6505.00.50, 6505.00.60)
  • Sports bags (Subheadings 4202.92.31, 4202.92.39, 4202.92.45)
  • Safety helmets (Subheadings 6506.10.30, 6506.10.60)

Sign SIA's Letter To The USTR:

SIA has written a letter to the USTR, to be signed by our industry members. If you are a manufacturer or a retailer, please add your name to this letter which we will deliver to the the USTR.
Our deadline for signatures is August 13.  

Contact Your Congressman:

Your Congressman needs to hear from you!  Take a moment and make a phone call. Click to find the necessary contact info below.

  • Introduce yourself as a business owner and let them know that you're a consituent and a voter. Emphasize the size of your company and the number of employees.
  • Let them know how these tariffs will impact your business
  • Urge the congressmen to fight these tariffs on your behalf by contacting the USTR and the White House
  • Keep it brief and respectful

Submit Comments Directly To

The US Trade Representative is accepting comments online until September 5th. All you need to do is click the button below to submit your comment. The submissions will be filed through their online portal, under docket number (USTR-2018-0026). Similar to the phone call instructions above, your comments should detail the exact products and subheadings (see above), and how the tariffs will impact your business. Finally, ask the USTR to remove the products from the USTR list.

Just click the button below to access the form, then click the "Comment Now" button.