We Know the Business of Winter

Supporting the Snowsports Industry Since 1954

Snowsports Industries America is the non-profit, member-owned trade association representing snow sports suppliers with constituents in the retail, rep and resort communities. We're helping our members succeed by providing insightful research, innovative education and growing participation.

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We're the voice of the snow sports industry and our community  — continually educating our members, providing them with research, knowledge, tools and opportunities to grow their businesses.

Just as important, we're committed to increasing participation, growing our vibrant community and building the future of our sports.

How We Serve Our Members

01. Research

The snowsports industry landscape changes every quarter. Throughout the year, we deliver insightful research to help you better understand the consumer and what's truly driving our industry. 

02. Education

We provide up-to-date education and training on everything from digital marketing to merchandising to help you gain valuable knowledge and drive your business forward.

03. Participation

SIA is committed to leading the discussion and implementing programs that increase participation and provide a stable platform on which our community can thrive.

Board of Directors

Our members choose these expert industry leaders to give our non-profit trade association direction.

*Denotes Executive Committee member

Mike Adams

*Chair - Jan. 2019

Mike West

*Third Vice Chair - Jan. 2019

Nick Sargent

*SIA President

Elysa Walk

Director - Jan. 2020

Jon Rucker

Director - Jan. 2020

Wendy Carey

*First Vice Chair - Jan. 2019

Eric Tung

*Treasurer - Jan. 2020

Dino Dardano

Director - Jan. 2021

Johan Malkoski

Director - Jan. 2021

Rhonda Swenson

Director - Jan. 2019

Chris Licata

*Second Vice Chair- Jan. 2019

Alex Draper

*Secretary - Jan. 2019

Brooke Mackenzie

Director - Jan. 2020

Chico Bukovansky

Director - Jan. 2019

Jim Satloff

Director - Jan. 2019

Careers at SIA

Sorry, we're not hiring right now, but check back soon.