We Know the Busines of Winter

Supporting the Snowsports Industry Since 1954

SIA is the non-profit, member-owned trade association representing suppliers of consumer snowsports with constituents in retailer, rep and resort communities.

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We serve our members by helping them succeed in business and using research, education, and participation to grow the business of winter.

Everything we do encourages more people around the globe engaged in an active winter lifestyle — so that the snowsports industry can thrive.

We lead the industry as the central voice for winter — educating, supporting and connecting our members with the people who love winter sports. By connecting manufacturers, retailers and consumers, the snowsports industry can grow in a way that benefits us all.

How We Serve Our Members

01. Research

The snowsports industry landscape changes every quarter. We deliver useful research and business tools to help you make informed decisions that lead your business forward.

02. Education

We provide up-to-date education and training on everything from digital marketing to merchandising to help you attract customers and build customer loyalty.

03. Participation

From lobbying in Washington to public awareness campaigns, we’re out there working for your best interests.

Board of Directors

Our members choose these expert industry leaders to give our non-profit trade association direction.

Mike Noonan

*Chair- Jan. 2018

Ron Steele

*First Vice Chair - Jan. 2018

Kim Miller

Director - Jan. 2019

Eric Tung

Director - Jan. 2020

Alex Draper

Director - Jan. 2018

Mike Adams

*Treasurer - Jan. 2019

Wendy Carey

*Second Vice Chair - Jan. 2018

Rhonda Swenson

Director - Jan. 2019

Elysa Walk

Director - Jan. 2020

Johan Malkoski

Director - Jan. 2018

Chris Licata

*Secretary - Jan. 2018

Mike West

*Third Vice Chair - Jan. 2016

Brooke Mackenzie

Director - Jan. 2020

Chico Bukovansky

Director - Jan. 2019

Mark Muedeking

*General Counsel

Careers at SIA

As job listings at SIA are made available, they will be posted here.
Also, stay tuned as we add our member-business job board, coming November of 2017.