FESI Winter Sport Sustainability Network (WSN)

With climate change and future winter sports challenges in focus, the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) has launched the “FESI Winter Sport Sustainability Network” (FESI-WSN), a joint initiative that will increase the knowledge and cooperation on sustainability and circularity within the winter sports Industry.

The FESI-WSN is about knowledge sharing and working together on the sustainability challenges the industry faces. The network format is built around four annual meetings with topical group discussions in combination with input from invited industry experts to increase the knowledge within the group.

In addition to the meetings, members can join specific working groups, allowing everyone to collaborate with industry peers around activities that are high on their agenda. Actions for collaboration can range from circularity and end-of-life initiatives and climate action to common environmental footprinting tools.

SIA is a member of WSN, broadening the climate action conversation with some of the most recognized hard-goods brands and retailers in the world. This partnership allows us to bring US hard goods brands into the global climate conversation and help define how this coalition of powerful brands can work together to accelerate our industry’s impact on climate change, while also staying abreast of best practices and EU sustainability regulations that will be shared with SIA members every month.

For more information, contact Chris Steinkamp, SIA’s Head of Advocacy: [email protected]