Uniting the Winter Outdoor Industry Around Meaningful Climate Action

ClimateUnited gives every winter outdoor business the opportunity to execute an ambitious and practical climate strategy, building an industry-wide movement against climate change.

Step 1.

the Industry

The Winter Outdoor Sports Industry Climate Pact aligns our industry around a set of achievable principles and signals our industry’s strength and commitment to tackle climate change at the speed and scale that it demands. We invite every winter outdoor business to join the Pact.

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Step 2.

the Industry

For businesses that want guidance in their climate action planning, the Climate Lab and 1.5C Business Playbook give businesses a balanced and achievable framework focusing on what really matters, prioritizing advocacy and leadership alongside emissions reductions.

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ClimateUnited is a
two-part initiative:


"Taking collective action is the only way to tackle this challenge. Commitment is not enough; we need to start transforming – now. Every decision, every action we take in the 2020’s will determine our future. It's time to use our collective voices to demand a better future for people and the planet. It's not too late, but we need to act now,”

- Adrian Huber,

Head of Corporate Responsibility,

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