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Insights, Trends & Data

Actionable consumer and participation insights, trends and data to make better informed business decisions

SIA members get immediate business value from relevant and timely research and data tools to help them make better, more informed decisions. Successful businesses use data to build perspectives on important areas of focus, to assess opportunities and weaknesses, and most importantly to get an edge on their competitors. SIA’s impactful data includes consumer insights, trends and habits, winter sports and recreation participation, annual wholesale sales and orders, and custom research capabilities.

The following reports are accessible to SIA members in the Member Portal

SIA Winter Participation Study

The SIA Participation Study is an annual comprehensive look at participants in winter sports and recreation, including: skiing, snowboarding, nordic, backcountry and fat biking. Derived from over 20,000 surveys from a nationwide sample of individuals and households,  the study presents a cumulative view of winter sports participation year over year and covers:

SIA Consumer Insights Reports

In lead up to and across the winter season, SIA members will receive an informative infographic with key highlights from a series of surveys that are issued to our nationwide panel of thousands of active winter outdoor enthusiasts. Past research has included:

SIA NextGen Study of Winter Participants

The NextGen Study of Winter Participants offers a detailed look at the perceptions of young and diverse non-participants in winter outdoor sports — people who represent an untapped potential to grow participation.

The NextGen Study provides incredibly important and actionable insights into growing participation within audiences traditionally underrepresented in winter outdoor sports. Some of the key takeaways from the study include:

End of Season Report

Consumer Trends and Insights on Snowsports Participation

Starting in 2020, this is an ongoing series of reports conducted at the end of each season, recapping consumer behavior and a look to the next season. Reports provide insights on:

Winter Participation Insights Report

This 2018-2019 study takes a closer look at the opinions and habits of winter sports participants, including:

SIA Wholesale Sales & Orders Survey

This annual report provides the most current data on the growth of our industry hardgoods (skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, poles, helmets and goggles) through an in-depth analysis of wholesale sales and orders plus DTC.

SIA Custom Research

SIA has the knowledge, experience and access to consumers and the industry necessary to build custom surveys, research and analysis; and/or utilize our consumer panel specific to your research and data needs.