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Inclusion Practices

Charting a path for inclusion in the winter outdoor industry

SIA is committed to an inclusive winter outdoor community. WE CAN AND ARE COMMITTED TO DOING BETTER:

Building an inclusive winter industry is not just a moral imperative, it’s a business imperative. The future growth of our businesses and our industry depends on creating an inclusive winter community, where new-comers and the core alike feel welcome, acknowledged, and appreciated. SIA is committed to charting a path for positive industry change that includes frank conversations, member education, leadership and business tools, and industry-wide collaborations.

  • SIA has convened an Inclusion Committee to provide feedback on our plan to incorporate inclusivity into our organization and our industry
  • SIA's Inclusion Committee has produced an Inclusion Statement - click here to read the full statement and watch a Town Hall recording on the subject
  • SIA is providing inclusivity tools in our educational platform and will continue this for the coming years - see below for links to our Town Halls and Workshops
  • SIA produced a self-paced, 24-week inclusion training program with Dr. Gerilyn Davis, Chief Inclusion Officer at Inclusion on the Slopes - click here to access this free program
  • SIA will make certain that Snowbound Expos are platforms for inclusivity in the winter outdoors
  • SIA is working with our industry partners to convene organizations that represent diverse backgrounds and people of color to listen and learn what more the winter outdoor industry can do
  • SIA has signed The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge - see our pledge signature

Inclusion: We Can and Must Do Better

The world around us is changing, and our winter outdoor community needs to change with it. As a community that has often prided itself on progression and exploration - in terms of skill, technology, and destination - we must now evolve and expand our mindset to ensure the survivability of our industry.

Though our winter community encompasses a range of activities and different levels of ability, there is an undeniable homogeneity to our demographic composition. This may be a reflection of the origins of the industry, but we are here to say this is not how it should remain.

As an industry, we have a choice: we can circle the wagons and try to maintain the status quo, or we can choose to open ourselves and the community to the incredible opportunity in front of us. We can grow winter outdoor participation, engage a new generation of consumers, stimulate innovation, and expand our businesses by adopting a simple concept: Inclusion.

What does Inclusion mean? Inclusion means finding ways to embrace and incorporate diverse perspectives and peoples everywhere, across the industry. Inclusion is about consciously reaching out to new, historically underrepresented customers, and actively inviting them into our winter outdoor community. Besides driving participation, which is crucial to the long-term sustainability and vitality of our industry, inclusion is also an essential component of a more productive, innovative, and profitable workforce. Simply put, we must include more voices, perspectives, and participants, from the slopes to the sales floor, and from the c-suite to the production line.

The good news is that we are already well-prepared to embark on the inclusion journey. We each were drawn to the winter outdoor community by some combination of our love for adventure, our ability to push our own boundaries, our willingness to learn, and our desire for belonging.  This mindset is fundamental to inclusion and will serve us well as we open and expand our community.

We are a community of nimble and forward-thinking businesses, organizations, and individuals with a collective responsibility for the future of the industry. It’s our time and our responsibility to make a sincere commitment to inviting more people to take their turn, to supporting their journey, and to improving the quality of the winter outdoor experience for everyone. Together, through our commitment to inclusion, we will forge a sustainable and thriving future for our industry.

Click here to learn more and watch the Town Hall recording discussing this statement.

SIA's Inclusion Resources

SIA has a variety of inclusion resources for your business to access to make inclusion central to your business, including:

  • The Fresh Tracks Playbook, an inclusive leadership training guide for industry leaders on their journey to a more inclusive winter outdoor community
  • A 6-month, self-guided inclusion training program
  • Inclusion discussion meet-ups
  • Educational resources
  • Town Halls and webinars on various inclusion topics

Click here to learn more.