Industry + Intelligence at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2022

It's the education series you can't afford to miss!

Industry + Intelligence is SIA’s educational platform, with our marquee event being the Industry + Intelligence at OR Snow Show in January.

I+I is a series of conversations, panel discussions and keynotes with some of the most powerful and inspiring speakers on topics pertinent to our industry and your business.

All OR Snow Show education events are in MR 400 at the Colorado Convention Center – in order to attend these sessions you must be registered for the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Registration details can be found here.

Schedule of Events


The Winter Consumer: A Deep Dive Into the Trends and Perceptions of the Current & Future Snowsports Consumers

Tues 1:00 pm MST, MR 400s
consumers consumers & participation current events data inclusion industry and intelligence insights Participation Research/Data

Join us for a comprehensive look at the current and future winter enthusiast. Covering the consumer habits and trends in the areas of participation, spending, inclusion, climate, rental, retail and more.

Empowering Nonprofits: How Brands Can Help Nonprofits Do Their Best Work, presented by High Fives Foundation

Tues 2:00 pm MST, MR 400s
advocacy non profit

Nonprofit organizations are on the front lines of every environmental and social issue facing our industry today – they’re doing the hard work so our industry can thrive. Therefore, it’s up to us to give them the tools and resources to do that. How can businesses truly empower nonprofits so to do their best work and achieve their mission? What do effective partnerships really look like?

This conversation will explore some of the more powerful business/nonprofit partnerships and give you the tools to ensure that your nonprofit partnerships truly make a difference.

Moderator: Roy Tuscany, High Fives Foundation


  • Jay Badgley, CEO Phunkshun Wear
  • Sydney Kirby, Smith Optics, Global Snow Marketing Manager
  • Katie Steinharter, IKON & Alterra, Director of Social Media
  • Andrew Tiner, Eddie Bauer Marketing Manager

Navigating Today’s Supply Chain Issues and Preparing for Tomorrow

Tues 3:00 pm MST, MR 400s
business operations Business Strategy supply chain current events innovation inventory management manufacturing

The Mingler at Former Saints in the Hyatt Regency

Tues 4-6:00 pm MST
sia Outdoor retailer The Mingler

The Mingler at Former Saints in the Hyatt Regency, hosted by Outdoor Retailer and Snowsports Industries America

Kickoff Breakfast & Keynote, Purple Mountains: Cross-Partisan Perspectives on Climate Change, sponsored by AvantLink

Wed 7:30 am MST, MR 400s
Keynote Breakfast Business Strategy leadership AvantLink advocacy climate climate policy agenda current events

Presented by Protect Our Winters, Sponsored by AvantLink

We know the Outdoor State doesn’t all fall on one side of the political spectrum and is almost evenly split between Democrat, Republican and Independent. To take on this global challenge, we need to find more ways to build bridges and bring people in regardless of political affiliation.

This conversation brings together thought leaders to help us learn and develop ways to connect and understand progressive, moderate and conservative perspectives about how to act on climate change.

OIA Industry Lunch: State of the Outdoor Market

Wed 1:00 pm MST, MR 400s
data Participation Research/Data current events

Featuring Kelly Davis, Research Director, Outdoor Industry Association

A presentation on participation in outdoor activities, sales trends in outdoor, supply chain disruptions, the impacts of COVID on participation, and consumer perspectives.

Attendees will learn what the data is telling us about supply and demand, and how the pandemic has affected all aspects of the outdoor market and participation habits. Attendees will also learn about increased diversity across the participation base, the new consumer journey into the outdoor market, and what opportunities the U.S. Census 2020 projections revealed. We will discuss business, participation, buying behaviors and social trends and how they impact the outdoor market.

Attendees will walk out of this presentation with a clear view of current activity in the outdoor market and will know what the future likely has in store for outdoor market players.

U.S. Retail And Consumer Trends Presentation

Thurs 7:30 am MST, MR 400s
consumers data insights Research/Data trends

Presented In Collaboration With The NPD Group, Inc.

Join us to see where the marketplace is going and what your customers are thinking. This popular presentation will help you understand current market trends and dynamics, explore who is coming into your stores, and discover what drives them there. Discover the channels, categories, and wearer segments that could be growth opportunities for your business.

This presentation, hosted by Matt Powell, U.S. Sports Industry Advisor and Julia Day, Executive Director, Business Development, will span apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories, covering trends impacting the total outdoor market. Plus, you’ll learn how the global pandemic is impacting industry sales.

Full Circle Movement

Thurs 9:00 am MST, MR 400s

This is a gathering that we want to approach differently than how “panels” have been created in the past. This was a collective effort to create a space that we want to see built into the ethos of the “Outdoor Industry”.

The goal of this session is to celebrate, include and acknowledge the progress in motion flowing through the industry and facilitate meaningful connections that will help support that progress into the future.

Although the panel carries the “Full Circle” name, thanks to Philip Henderson and his team’s desire to share their project as an inspirational example, but extend the platform to the many projects being created in tandem.

Facilitated by Langston Clark, creator and host of Entrepreneurial Appetite Podcast. The conversation will kick off with an update and conversation with Phillip Henderson and the Full Circle Everest Expedition team.

We will also get to see and hear from Alex Bailey from Black Outside, Dani Reyes Acosta from the Outlier project and Ron Griswell from HBCU Outside.

There will also be time planned to learn from others in the room to be able to share projects being worked on, any asks or offerings as well as info for anyone to follow up.

The goal is to attract together all of us that have been doing work on inclusion outdoors and those newly bringing a background of inclusive work to the outdoors together with those interested in learning and getting involved.

We hope this is a way to connect and engage without any single entity claiming or dominating the space and is meant to gather for productive exchange rather than a single or branded event.

We invite all interested in learning and offering to be a part of this collaborative presentation of the projects we have connected on. We aim to make this a space to share as well as learn so we can all better support each other in the collective invitation toward a stronger path forward, improved human connection and more intentional interaction with nature and the land. This is a space for US and all are invited.

Host – Langston Clark (Entrepreneurial Appetite)
Speaker 1 – Philip Henderson (Full Circle Everest)
Speaker 2 – Alex Bailey (Black Outside)
Speaker 3 – Dani Reyes Acosta (Outlier)
Speaker 4 – Ron Griswell (HBCU Outside)
Supporting/Speaker – Danica Carey (Seirus)

The Intersection of Technology and Innovation, Part 2

Thurs 11:00 am MST, MR 400s
consumers current events business operations Business Strategy technology


  • Klint Rudolph, The Xcite Group
  • Ted Eynon, Meier Skis

Over the past year, we have all adopted new technologies and innovated our businesses at a rapid pace.

In this session, we will continue the conversation from the summer and bring in retail and supplier representatives to hear their experience. We’ll discuss current trends, best practices and what’s next. How do we harness technology to not only grow and streamline our businesses, and in turn, give our consumers what they not only need but demand?

OIA Industry Lunch: Engage Into Action with the Outdoorist Oath

Thurs 1:00 pm MST, MR 400s
DEI diversity equity inclusion

The recently announced “Outdoorist Oath” is a new way for ALL people to engage in supporting a thriving planet and thriving people. Learn more about this action plan to advocate for the planet, inclusion and adventure.

This session will provide an in-depth look at why The Oath is necessary and what the founders, Teresa Baker, Jose Gonzàléz and Pattie Gonia are aiming to achieve through the Oath. You will also learn more about how you can engage with the Oath now and in the future.

Moderator: Stephanie Maez, Director, Outdoor Foundation


  • Teresa Baker, In Solidarity Project founder, Chief trouble maker and Oath Co-founder
  • Pattie Gonia, Professional homosexual, Intersectional Environmentalist, Drag Queen and Oath Co-Founder
  • Jose Gonzalez, Founder at Latino Outdoors, Educator, Creative, Facilitator and Oath Co-Founder

1:30 pm MST - Tackling the Sustainable Packaging Challenge, at the Trend + Design Center

Thurs 1:30 pm MST, at the Trend + Design Center
Packaging Responsible Packaging sustainability

Our oceans and landfills are filling up with plastic – so isn’t it about time that our industry re-imagines how we package and ship our goods?

Responsible packaging should now be an industry standard – let’s move this forward by discussing the challenges, best practices and opportunities that re-thinking our packaging presents.

Aaron Keller, CEO Capsule
  • Peter Arlein, CEO, mountainFLOW eco-wax
  • Matt Gowar , CEO at Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd. (Representing Rab, Lowe Alpine)
  • Olivia O’Neill, Senior Designer, Krimson Klover

The Omnichannel Imperative - Selling across multiple channels and geographies

Thurs 3:00 pm MST, MR 400s
business operations Business Strategy consumers contact content current events data Digital Marketing e-commerce innovation insights inventory management Marketing marketing & social media Research/Data Retail/eCommerce sales & e-commerce technology trends omnichannel


  • Josh Halpern, Chair, The GrowBig Initiative, aka The VanBassador
  • Sharon Gee, OmniChannel, BigCommerce

What is Omnichannel? The ability for merchants to sell across multiple offline and online channels in a manner that creates a holistic brand experience for the shopper on any channel, from product discovery and purchase to post-checkout and order handling.

In this fast-paced 30-minute power session, Josh Halpern and Sharon Gee will guide you toward building the right foundation for omnichannel success with the goals of:

  • Creating new customer touchpoints and revenue streams
  • Diversifying and protecting revenue from unforeseen events (i.e. COVID)
  • Executing a holistic brand experience across all channels, from discovery to purchase to fulfillment
  • Inspiring customers to make repeat purchases quicker, increasing customer loyalty, and lifting customer lifetime value

By registering, you will receive a free GrowBig Initiative workshop account with full access to slides, checklists, videos and additional tips and tricks to view at any time following the event.

The GrowBig Initiative - Global Growth Strategies

Thurs 3:30 pm MST, MR 400s
business operations Business Strategy current events e-commerce innovation inventory management sales & e-commerce technology


  • Dan Breuer, Digital River
  • Josh Halpern, Chair, The GrowBig Initiative, aka The VanBassador

The metrics confirm it. 57% of global online shoppers purchase from overseas retailers. Cross-border sales have achieved a 220% gain (to US $627 billion) in just five years. But although cross-border commerce is a logical expansion strategy, moving into new global markets is a complex undertaking.

In this super succinct and actionable session, we will touch on the following themes and lay the groundwork for you to take the next step:

Optimize global payments: Offer preferred currency, payment methods and customer services while reducing FX rates, decline rates and generating customer loyalty.

Collect customer data: Comply with local data privacy laws and harvest data that drives customer acquisition and lifestyle value.

Charge the correct taxes: 43% of CFO survey respondents rank taxes on digital services among the top three policies impacting their businesses.

Fulfillment Strategies: Partner with local providers, optimize reverse logistics without leaving taxes and duties from returns on the table, build repackaging procedures and reduce operational burden on labeling and re-routing inventory

Keep up with compliance: Compliance is an ongoing, ever-changing beast that must be closely watched by experts. Do you want to invest in an in-house team to do this, or will outsourcing be more effective?

By registering, you will receive a free GrowBig Initiative workshop account with full access to slides, checklists, videos and additional tips and tricks to view at any time following the event.

Ask OIA Anything on Trade

Fri 11:00 am MST, MR 400s
government affairs Tariffs & Trade

OIA’s international trade program is dedicated to promoting a stable and predictable trade environment for outdoor businesses of all sizes, from domestic manufacturers to those that utilize global value chains to bring product to market.

Members of OIA’s Trade Advisory Council (OIATAC) meet regularly to provide advice and guidance on new initiatives to help the bottom line of outdoor companies and to collaborate and exchange new ideas and best practices as they navigate tariffs, supply-chain disruptions, shipping costs and other challenges to their businesses.

Join us for a conversation with OIA, OIA’s outside trade counsels from Sorini Samet & Associates and members of OIATAC on the latest federal trade updates, challenges to outdoor supply chains and how OIA members are responding. This is your chance to ask us anything on trade and how it impacts your business.

Presented by:

  • Richard W. Harper, Jr., OIA Director of Government Affairs
  • Ron Sorini, Sorini, Samet & Associates
  • Sara Bowersox, Keen Footwear
  • Ben Christensen, Vice President, Operations Simms Fishing Products

OIA Industry Lunch: Historic investments in climate change, new opportunities for environmental justice

Fri 1:00 pm MST, MR 400s
advocacy climate DEI diversity equity government affairs inclusion climate policy agenda

With the recent passage of the Build Back Better plan, the United States has responded to the outdoor industry’s call to make historic investments to combat climate change, which is a major existential threat to the outdoors, our communities and the outdoor recreation economy. These funds are committed to build resilience, promote natural climate solutions, support a Civilian Climate Corps and accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

It is imperative that the implementation of Build Back Better also addresses two other related threats to our industry: the disproportionate impact climate change has on minority and marginalized communities and the need to ensure that the outdoors are open, safe and accessible to all Americans.

Join us for an informative discussion with key stakeholders, industry leaders and representatives from Washington, D.C. on how combating climate change, prioritizing climate action and ensuring more diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors are intertwined and how you and your business can play a key role in the future of an equitable and healthy outdoors.

Presented by Richard W. Harper, Jr., Director of Government Affairs, OIA