SIA’s mission is to help the winter outdoor community thrive.

SIA is the trade association of the winter outdoor industry. Through SIA membership, brands, destinations, retailers, service providers and nonprofits solve immediate business problems, adapt to changing pressures, save and grow. SIA and its members spot trends that matter, facilitate industry-wide strategy and innovate to ensure the winter outdoors thrives for future generations.

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Monthly Consumer Insights

The last in this season’s series of monthly reports issued November through April, the April “Snowsports Diversity” looks at the impact of consumer beliefs and behaviors about diversity.
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Business Value

Through SIA membership, companies of all sizes develop, share and adopt best practices, resources and expertise, gaining and producing immediate business value.

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Consumer Engagement

Through SIA membership, companies understand and engage the changing consumer for a larger, more diverse, more durable enthusiast community.

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Climate Tools

Through SIA membership, companies adopt tools and techniques to reduce their climate impact.

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Inclusion Practices

Through SIA membership, companies make the principles and practices of inclusion central to their businesses.

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