ClimateUnited FAQs

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What is ClimateUnited?
ClimateUnited is SIA's initiative to unite the winter outdoor industry around meaningful climate action. It is free to members, and provides the tools and resources to give every company in our industry the ability to lead on this issue. ClimateUnited is a two-part initiative that 1) unites companies around an industry climate pact and then 2) for the companies that want some guidance to meet those commitments, we provide a roadmap to meet those commitments through our ClimateUnited Lab (for SIA members only). SIA’s goal is to unite the winter outdoor industry together around the science-based climate action and guide them along the way.

Why did SIA create this platform?
Climate change is a direct threat to our industry - we listened to our members and felt that SIA’s leadership on climate was critically important to our members. We chose to create our own custom platform because we want to address the needs of SIA members and give them an option that's affordable and aligned with the unique challenges within the winter outdoor industry, recognizing that some companies are in the very early stages of getting involved. There are many companies that want to get involved, but didn't have the guidance they needed to do so.  

What is the cost?
ClimateUnited is included in an SIA annual membership.

Do I have to be an SIA member?
Any winter outdoor company can join the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact.
The ClimateUnited Lab and roadmap is available only to current SIA members.

I am already reducing my emissions with another platform, can I participate in the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact?
Yes, we encourage any winter outdoor business to join the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact. The purpose to show intent and unity as an industry and we hope that every company in our industry will join, even if you are participating in other climate action initiatives. Our only ask of you is to send us your science-based plan within six months and a .png logo as soon as possible to include you as a signatory on the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact web page.

Why should I join the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact?
The Pact is a clear demonstration of our industry’s unity on this issue and that we are serious about urgently acting on climate change, setting an example to other sectors around the level of commitment required to meet the scale of the climate challenge. Non-SIA members can join the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact.

It is important for the winter outdoor industry to signal their unity on this issue and to a set of commitments, to align on those goals and to take a first step towards them. It is a collective signal that our industry is united on climate, but also it’s a step forward for every company to make progress towards real, tangible goals.

How do I participate in the ClimateUnited Lab?

  1. To join the Winter Outdoor Industry Climate Pact, just click on the JOIN THE PACT button on the web page.
  2. For those companies that want additional guidance and access to the ClimateUnited Lab, just click on the SIGN UP HERE button on the bottom of the ClimateUnited web page to let us know that you're interested. We'll send you the ClimateUnited User Guide and access to the Climate Hub where you will find all the resources you'll need to create your science-based plan and execute it. SIA will guide you through the process with new content and learning opportunities throughout the year.