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How-To Snowbound with CEP

December 9, 2021 | 0 Comments

We recently spoke to the folks at CEP about their plans to attend the Snowbound Festivals in 2022. Check out the Q&A below to see their plans, and we look forward to seeing you all at Snowbound in November 2022!

Why Snowbound?  What attracted you to exhibiting at the show(s)? 

  • It is a great opportunity to get in front of our key customers and tell our story.

Which show(s) will you attend? 

  • We will be attending both the Denver and Boston Festivals.

What are your plans to exhibit at Snowbound? 

  • We will be showing all of our compression ski socks as well as activating ski apparel.

How do you plan to engage the consumer in your booth? 

  • We will have brand representatives there to answer questions and help fit and educate people on compression. We will be offering discounts on products as well as raffling off gift prizes.

Do you plan to focus on inclusion, participation or sustainability? How? 

  • Compression is not for just elite athlete, it’s a technology that can help fight fatigue on the hill, keep your boots fitting better, and keep your toes warmer. These benefits help anyone from someone going out for their first time, to a ski instructor, to a racer running gates. If your feet are not happy you are not having a good time, and compression can help remove some of the barriers that keep people from enjoying their time on the snow.  

Are you selling product in your booth? How (online, retail partner, etc.)? 

  • We will be selling our entire ski collection directly to consumers attending the Snowbound Festivals.

What do you hope to come away with from Snowbound? 

  • Our hope is to expand the CEP brand into the ski market and help get compression on the feet of more skiers. 

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