Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide

SIA Snow Sports Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide

This marketing guide is one of several SIA initiatives designed to help increase participation and stimulate purchase of new product from your store.

Take the time to refresh yourself with the latest—and most affordable—ways to connect with your customer and strengthen your community. The RMG guide is packed with 24 different campaigns, separated into four segments of the season. Each campaign offers ad and postcard headlines, radio ads, several social media posts, html emails complete with images, and even in-store event ideas. Follow the messages inside the the Retail Marketing Calendar. Use them as suggested, or customize them to meet your needsit's up to you. Either way, you're sure to engage your customer and help increase traffic to your store.

What else is in the Guide?

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A Guide to In-Store Events

In today’s retail market, many stores are embracing innovative approaches to marketing. One popular trend is in-store events, which can attract new customers and give existing ones a reason to return. This addendum offers ideas and inspiration for ways to use in-store events to build your community, highlight new merchandise and services, and sell an event along with your products.

Leverage In-Store Events

SIA Snow Show Day 1 on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 in Denver. (Chris Schneider)

SIA Customer Connection Addendum

Customer Connection Addendum

New technologies offer consumers more and different opportunities, and with exposure to various world-class customer experiences comes increased expectations. This Addendum provides the research you need to maximize your competitive advantage, illustrates different products, services and discounts to improve your bottom line, and shows how to maximize your resources to innovatively market your brand and product. You’ll be well on your way to creating consumer-focused initiatives that increase interest and participation.

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Retail To Consumer Addendum

We expanded on last year’s Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide with an addendum that shows examples of marketing ideas from the guide beyond the traditional advertising that you’re already doing right: Facebook posts, Event ads and even Pinterest or Instagram contests. Here are a few tips that show you how its marketing ideas can be implemented to create a buzz for your shop.

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SIA Consumer Programs Addendum

SIA Ski Snowboard Addendum

Learn To Ski & Snowboard Month Addendum

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, during which we as a community encourage participation, safe and correct training, and most of all, a lifetime of fun in the snow! What better a time to help recruit new customers and keep your current customers involved in the excitement? This Addendum shows you how to leverage Learn to Ski and Snowboard month theme and the Bring a Friend initiatives to help drive sales in addition to driving new people to the mountain.

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Additional Resources

Ready to Use Email Templates

Explore templates offering succinct messaging and powerful calls to action - ready to use through the season!

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Webinar Follow-up

To further maximize your use for the Retailer Marketing Guide, checkout these webinars and social media presentations.

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