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Blizzard Strengthens Front-Side Offering with the Addition of a New Carving Series

January 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

When the day calls for slicing half-moons on hardback, the Thunderbird/Phoenix delivers a balance of on-edge performance with approachability.

WEST LEBANON, NH (JAN 21, 2020) – Blizzard is proud to introduce an all-new collection of frontside carving skis designed to provide skiers with the ability to rip groomers without the demands that come from high-performance race skis – Thunderbird (unisex) and Phoenix (women’s). Available in various widths and radius, and with strategic uses of metals, the collection of eleven models offers skiers from expert to intermediate with strength, edge grip and power underfoot, paired with a smooth flex pattern, ideal for carving or cruising on command.

At the heart of the skis lies Blizzard’s Trueblend Piste wood core, which creates three different zones of density to precisely control the flex – a harder zone in the center of the ski for stability and edge grip, a medium flex zone book-ending the binding for control, and a softer zone at the tip and tail for connecting classic alpine turns with ease.

“We first introduced this Trueblend core construction in our all-mountain skis this year,” said Jed Duke, Blizzard Tecnica Director of Product Marketing. “But the concept translates to other types of woods and categories of skis as well, allowing us to precisely target the feeling we want skiers to experience on each product. We felt that implementing it in on-piste skis next would be where we could really make an impactful improvement, as it allows us to make really high-performance skis that are easier to use. The balanced flex allows skiers to have complete control to go on edge and feel the energy of the turn.”

Efficiency is another critical attribute to making a performance ski more approachable. That is achieved by Active Carbon Armor – a vibration damping and rebound control system that is located under the binding. Inspired by the Carbon Armor from the Firebird collection, the carbon fiber plate is brought outside of the ski body which allows it to flex freely. This allows the ski to be less demanding while still providing a very high level of performance.

The Phoenix models all benefit from women’s specific design elements, addressing the need for a balance between performance and stability with lightness and playfulness. The molds feature a dedicated women’s specific side-cut and the binding mounting point is forward to address the female’s center of gravity, allowing lady carvers to fully access the sweet spot of the ski.

“Between the Trueblend Piste core and the women’s specific features, the Phoenix is a seriously fun ski to rip around on, whether you grew up racing or are relatively new to carving,” said Leslie Baker-Brown, Blizzard Tecnica W2W Project Lead. “We know that it will speak to women skiers in markets where hard snow is the norm, but through our W2W work, are also seeing experienced all-mountain and big-mountain skiers express interest in upping their front side game. This ski will work for them, too.”

The Thunderbird and Phoenix line will be available at retail in Fall 2021.

For more information, please contact Maro LaBlance at [email protected]

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