Winters are becoming shorter and more inconsistent.

As a snow sports community, we’re seeing it first hand, and without a doubt, the science backs it up.

We’re a community of over 24 million participants that generates over $72 billion in annual revenue. From manufacturers and suppliers to local retailers and resorts, snow is our currency.

As an industry that depends entirely on consistent snowfall, we won’t sit on the sidelines. This is our opportunity – our focus is to leverage the economic and social influence of the snow sports industry to drive the clean energy economy, and our businesses forward.

We will work together, to restore winter to what it should be - to strengthen our industry, our communities, our livelihoods and the future of our sports. We are the ones that can help solve this. We are United by Winter.  

United By Winter provides our members with voluntary opportunities to become better educated, to be effective climate advocates and to influence and mobilize others. Take these steps with us.

1. Commit

The first step is to commit to taking action. Participating members agree that:

  • Climate change is impacting the snow sports industry and the future of our sports
  • We are greening our business and taking voluntary actions to reduce our carbon footprint, but at the same time we must also advocate for clean energy policies
  • We understand that leveraging our corporate scale is a critical component to the solution now
  • We’re committed to driving the clean energy economy forward

2. Get Educated

From SIA’s regional Industry + Intelligence events, our webinars, podcasts, social and editorial content, we continually educate our members to better understand the the climate landscape and the science, the most effective and aligned messaging, and the best path forward. We update this section often, please re-visit and get up to speed on the latest news and helpful content. 

3. Advocate

It's critical now that businesses, especially CEO's, leverage their influence and economic weight to be strong advocates for clean energy - at the utility, state and federal level. We are giving our members voluntary and vetted opportunites to do just that, that include:


4. Activate

SIA members have immense social influence and reach to mobilize the entire snow sports community. We are supporting our members to activate their employees, sponsored athletes, customers and the media - so that their impact grows exponentially.


We are United By Winter.
Join Us.

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