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“REBOOT”: Dalbello Sets New Standards in Sustainability and Launches Recycled Ski Boots

February 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

The well-known Italian brand Dalbello sets an example of sustainability in the ski boot industry and launches recycled junior boots Green Menace and Green Gaia for 2022

Lebanon, NH (February 10, 2022) – Dalbello announces a ski boot series made with recycled materials for the global retail market with the new Green Menace and Green Gaia models for 2022/23. This makes the ski boot manufacturer from Asolo, Italy, a pioneer, having developed the most sustainable ski boot in the industry so far with state-of-the-art elements in terms of eco-design. The result is the launch of green boots that are made of recycled materials comprising up to 90 percent of their weight. 100 percent of the boots will be recyclable at the end of life.

The new sustainable Green Menace and Green Gaia models consist of four models each. The junior boots are for young skiers from different ages and levels who want to discover skiing. Thus, Dalbello has created recycled boots for a group that outgrows ski boots quickly, resulting in a shorter product life cycle. To reduce the impact on the environment, Dalbello has made it its mission to shift production to almost completely recycled materials on these high-volume models.

For project REBOOT, the plastic shell and cuff components of the green boots are made of recaptured plastics and 100 percent recycled materials recovered directly from production at Dalbello. When injecting a plastic ski boot component, the tubes that inject the liquid plastic into the molds solidify, becoming plastic scrap. Dalbello captures this scrap and grinds it to be reinjected, making new boots out of their own scrap.

Fabric and foams for the liners are also composed of 100 percent recycled materials, certified by each supplier. These include TPU foams from reground material for the lining, recycled EVA for the collar of the liner, and recycled polyester. In all, up to 90 percent of each liner’s weight consists of recovered material.*

The buckles for the boots are made of aluminum and steel, both 100 percent recyclable materials. Dalbello therefore uses sustainably produced buckles for the green boot models. This includes a low temperature powder coating that requires 35 percent less energy and a chemical-free polishing of the aluminum, both processes certified by the supplier.

Dalbello we continue to pioneer the use of recyclable and sustainable components in our boot design and manufacturing,     and with these new boots we have reached new levels, inspiring us to continue pushing further toward sustainable solutions.”

In the future, Dalbello will extend the project REBOOT to other product lines as well, creating additional green options for the consumer.

In addition to launching its first recycled boot, Dalbello is also a proud partner in two research projects around sustainability: Repair 3D and LIFE RESKIBOOT, both supported by the EU.

“LIFE RESKIBOOT was the first step for Dalbello, now we are expanding our brands’ wide strategic and environmental vision by creating the most sustainable ski boot in the industry to date”, comments Jonathan Wiant, President of Marker Dalbello Völkl Sports. “We are aware of our responsibilities regarding the conservation of resources and sustainability. At Dalbello, even before 2022 almost 20 percent of a new ski boot typically consisted of residual material.”

Another milestone of Dalbello’s drive for sustainability is the current progress made for the headquarter: Since November 1, 2021, 100 percent certified renewable, green energy is utilized for the ski boot injection and assembly factory in Asolo, Italy. This means that the new green boots are not only made from recycled materials, but the energy used to produce them is also environmentally friendly.

This grinding machine (blue) is used to grind up the scrap parts of the production. When injecting a plastic ski boot component, the channels that conduct the fluid plastic into the molds solidify, becoming plastic scrap. At Dalbello, these scraps are captured and grinded next to the injection machines and reinjected directly making new boots out of their own scrap. / Image: Dalbello

Textiles and foams for the inner liners are also composed of 100 percent recycled materials, certified by each supplier. These include TPU foams from regrind material for the lining, recycled EVA for the collar and recycled polyester. / Image: Dalbello

About Dalbello
Ski boots made by the traditional Italian company Dalbello have always been renowned for exceptional quality, finest craftsmanship and high-end design. Back in the 1960s, the company’s founder Alessandro Dalbello gathered experience in the production of ski boots in Switzerland. The first pair of boots to carry the Dalbello brand was sold in 1974, the year the company was established. Dalbello ski boots sell successfully all over the world, thanks to their high-quality standards and exceptional fit. Dalbello has been part of the Marker Völkl Group since 2015, but is still based in Casella d’Asolo, Italy.

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