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Climate Solutions 101: Putting A Price On Carbon

(Past) February 23, 202110:00am MT

Climate Solutions 101: Putting A Price On Carbon

Solving climate change depends on us reducing carbon emissions, and you’ve most likely heard about how putting a price on carbon is one way to let the market drive those emissions reductions at-scale. But what does “putting a price on carbon” really mean and how truly effective is it?

Join us for this informative talk with Citizens’ Climate Lobby that demystifies the concept of carbon pricing and dives into how this bipartisan solution can be truly effective, while benefiting the economy and consumers, and learn what business leaders can do to make this happen.

Moderator: Chris Steinkamp, Head of SIA Advocacy


  • Jerry Hinckle, Director & Economic Research Consultant, Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Matt Alex Tucker, Lead, CCL’s Outdoor Industry Action Team
  • Chris Valiante, Owner/Founder, 22 Designs