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Evo Founder Bryce Phillips on The Sessions @ SIA

July 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

Just released: Bryce Phillips, founder of Evo

Bryce Phillips, founder and CEO of Evo, is a great example of a business owner who is doing the right thing for independent retail. Opening his second location in Portland, Oregon less than a year ago, the entrepreneur has continued to build on the success he has created around the close-knit snow community in the Pacific Northwest. SessionsLOGO-1

“Brick and mortar is critical. The pendulum has landed in the middle. People were like, ‘it’s all going to be web and brick and mortar is going away,’ and that was never going to be the case. Now as we think about it, it’s a big topic from all levels, whether that be from a participation perspective to thinking about it from the vendors that we sell in, ultimately the customers need a place to go.”

With 30 videos total, stay tuned for more to come this summer and fall; Zeal’s Mike Lewis, Capita’s Blue Montgomery, Burton’s Jeff Boliba and TEN’s Gerhard Gross to list a few. TransWorld Business, TransWorld Snowboarding, Snowboarder and SIA will host the video series.

The Sessions @ SIA: Bryce Phillips from Evo


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