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Fashion and Market Trends for 2015/2016

November 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Last week SIA held its annual market presentation in Boston to the region’s top influencers and journalists. Held at the Boston Seaport Hotel, attendees had to opportunity to easy into the morning with old colleagues and friends while the presentation got off to an early start. Beginning with various members of the SIA team, speakers included Mary “MC” Cecile Neville and Kelly Davis, where each discussed the current state of the industry. Davis though, dove deep into statistics, sharing real numbers across the ski and snowboard industry. From demographic comparisons of regions to the current number of skiers versus snowboarders within the market, Davis unveiled data that speaks the real truth of movements therein.

After Davis’ talk, I had the opportunity to share the current state of snow from the vantage point of its fashion trends. The objective being an opportunity to shine a light about what’s influencing our industry as a whole when it comes to product selections for the mountains. Trends, both from outside the industry, and inside the mountain landscape. To capture these points — in a digestible way — I highlighted three overarching trends that collectively focus on various groupings of goods.

First up is “TECH WORLD”. This trend highlights the best-of-the-best product on the market — top of the line insulation, waterproofing and progression in development. Patagonia stepped up its game with the Powslayer Jacket built with GORE-TEX Pro and a bevy of technical features ideal for intense conditions.

Patagonia.jpegPatagonia’s Powslayer Jacket

Next up is “CITY TWIST”. Attracting a demographic most populated within an urban environment, this trend takes its cues from both street style and fashion’s most coveted runways around the world. Ideally, the pieces selected within this framework highlight styles that can easily transition from city streets to the mountains without a hitch. Key pieces include the Michele Shawl from SKEA with its quilted down insulation, built in a poncho silhouette. Not to mention the style’s chic fur trim. Another great style is the Mountain Edition footwear collection from VANS. These styles are perfect for both an urban dweller and for someone who heads to the hills on a regular basis due to the styles’ SCOTCHARD® treated uppers, warm linings and lug outsole.

VANS.jpegMountain Edition footwear collection from VANS

“MOUNTAIN LIFE” rounds out the trend selections. Within this space, skiers and snowboards bridge the gap of fusing together the great outdoors and resort life. Camping, fire-pits, an aesthetic of an old mountain lodge and backcountry trekking are a few words that compile this theme. Case in point with Jeremy Jones — one of the world’s best snowboarders — and his pro-model from Thirty Two. The MTB  Jeremy Jones Boot is an unprecedented style combining the technical elements that Jones needs for long excursions. Another important piece is from Astis with its Blanc Glove. This particular style homes in on a handcrafted, raw leather look, evoking the memory of something one would see in any rustic landscape.


MTB Jeremy Jones Boot from ThirtyTwo

Seguing to the younger market was how I concluded the three trends on hand. The YOUTH category is also not to be missed when it comes to keeping kids both on trend and — let’s be honest here — practical on the mountain. K2 comes to the rescue with its adorable and technically savvy Entity Girls Helmet with its room to grow component that allows multiple season out of the style. 


K2’s Entity Girls Helmet

Winter is upon us, so let’s get the ball rolling with the above mentions. After all, when you look good, you feel good on the mountain!

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