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Find Expert Guidance on Avalanche Safety Gear and Education at Backcountry Experience

January 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

Backcountry Experience is where retailers, reps and media convene to see the latest backcountry gear, learn about avalanche education efforts, and gain a greater understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and rewards involved with selling backcountry gear and safety equipment. Sponsored and staffed in cooperation with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) professionals, Backcountry Experience offers a wealth of information, incredible story-telling from the top professionals in the business, and solid, reliable information for buyers and retailers.


Last year welcomed athletes and guides including Chris Davenport, Greg Hill, Lynsey Dyer, Jeremy Jones and more. Each day, Backcountry Experience hosts retail clinics, panel discussions, happy hours with the pros, in addition to supporting content structured around the basics of the Know Before You Go program. Whether you are a longtime backcountry enthusiast or are starting this season, we invite you to the Backcountry Experience.

Along with SIA, AIARE is one of the founding partners of The Avalanche Project. The Avalanche Project (originally created as Project Zero in 2010) is a coalition of avalanche forecast centers, ski industry brands, manufacturers, and other industry players that came together in a national effort to increase awareness and education and decrease preventable avalanche deaths. The Know Before you Go education program has recently been adopted as their universally accepted avalanche education program.

“We are extremely excited about the new edition of Know Before You Go as a universally accepted avalanche awareness program. To see the industry groups come together on this project and collaborate on developing a world class program is exactly what was imagined when The Avalanche Project was conceived. This is a tremendous tool for the industry to engage new backcountry enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.” –Tim Bennet, Executive Director, AIARE

“To have the opportunity at the Show for us all to come together and have these conversations is amazing. Avalanche safety is a serious issue, and to be able to come together and discuss the topic and the messaging around the education aspect has been a great new aspect of the Show for me. It’s a meeting of the minds. For us to be able to collaborate to create standards and get the message out – it’s very inspiring.” –Lynsey Dyer, professional big mountain skier.

“I think it’s really interesting because backcountry is so big these days. It’s got huge momentum, and I think that these companies that are all partnering together to create a safer experience for the user is excellent. Because people can get the gear, but we have to teach them to get the knowledge to get out there and play safely. It’s all of our responsibility, so it’s important that we all come together to make it happen.”Professional mountaineer and big mountain skier Greg Hill

Backcountry Experience Seminar and Event Highlights:


12P Greg Hill – Rules to Skin By

Having recently been tumbled by an avalanche in Pakistan, Greg Hill realizes the rules he uses in the people to venture deeper into the backcountry but arming them with some knowledge to stay safer.                               

2P Verde Retail Clinic

Selling Avalanche Safety Equipment (Online Sales, Bent Gate, Denver REI, Christy’s)

5P Jeremy Jones – Tolerating Risk

Happy Hour – suds and stories: with risk comes reward and it’s not about rolling the dice. Listen to Jeremy as he discusses what goes into the decision making process as he evaluates whether or not to ride a certain line


10A Panel: Media & Avalanches

Join us as our panel strives to identify practical ways to incorporate avalanche safety messaging while portraying the sports we love. (Megan Michaelson, Adam Howard, John Stifer, Jones TGR, Ethan Greene, Jason Blevins)                              

11A Open Q&A with AIARE

Stop into the booth to learn more about the current and future state of avalanche education in the U.S and how you can get involved.                               

12P Chris Davenport – Managing Risk in the Mountains: Lessons from the Backcountry

Chris will discuss the lessons learned from 20 years of backcountry skiing and mountaineering. Themes of the talk include managing risk, the importance of goal setting, and how the importance of achieving “flow state” while in the mountains.     

2P Specialty Retail Clinic

Selling Avalanche Safety Equipment (Mtn. Specialty), Bent Gate, Alpineer, Neptune, Mountain Outfitters Breckenridge

5P Lynsey Dyer – Creating the Wow Factor Without the Danger Factor

Join us for a conversation with athlete and film maker Lynsey Dyer on the topic of how to create buzz and inspire consumers, by focusing on having fun safely. Lynsey will drive the conversation with highlights and stories from her movie Pretty Faces

For the latest sales and trends data pertaining to backcountry equipment, check out the Backcountry Collective page at For more Backcountry Experience exhibit information, and a full seminar and event listing go to

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