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Handcrafted Skis Customized with Artificial Intelligence

March 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

After nearly three years of development and over 400 on-snow test days, Original+, a Salzburg Austria-based ski company, is proud to launch its first production run of custom skis crafted with artificial intelligence through a special Kickstarter pre-order.

Original+’s unique approach combines time-tested ski-building processes with a proprietary AI-driven software system that interprets data points like customer biometrics, skiing style, and home ski area to tailor critical ski construction nuances like core profile, flex pattern, base structure, and tune to each individual consumer. The result: Your personal partner for the perfect turn on snow. This method delivers the ultimate downhill experience for every avid skier on the mountain, at a price point comparable to traditional ski companies.

“I come from a ski racing background, and I clearly saw the benefits of custom fitting ski setups to individual racers. You’re just faster, safer and better,” says Sigi Rumpfhuber, Original+ founder and veteran ski industry leader. “From there I thought: Okay, let’s develop a technology where we can deliver that race process to normal consumers and normal skis.”

The Original+ Kickstarter launch offers the first two production-ready designs. The 2018 ISPO Gold Medal-winning MOD.7 is a carving specialist for skiers focused on-piste performance. The MOD.8 is an all-mountain shape suited for adventure in any condition.

Once a customer selects a base model, they take a thorough web-based questionnaire that feeds individual biometric, ski style and personal preferences data into the Original+ AI software. The AI then crunches the numbers, comparing customer data alongside nearly 6000 ski design inputs to match the customer to their perfect ski. From there, all the information is taken to production where each ski is handbuilt to unique customer specifics. “By precisely adapting ski flex, torsion and ski dynamics, a custom fitted ski has the ideal sweetspot for you, just like a custom fitted golf iron or tennis racket,” says Rumpfhuber. “And a better sweetspot results in fewer technical ‘forced errors’ and more fun every day on snow.”

Customers that pre-order during the Kickstarter launch will receive a customized ski at a significant discount.

Visit the Original+ Kickstarter page here for more information.

ORIGINAL+ is an Austrian ski manufacturer that specializes in the production of customized alpine skis with the help of its proprietary software based on artificial intelligence. By interpreting biometrical data alongside additional inputs like skiing style and terrain preferences, this software helps ORIGINAL+ to craft a ski personalized to the needs of each individual customer. Built in Salzburg, Austria, ORIGINAL+ skis are sold direct-to-consumer through the company’s web shop and factory store. ORIGINAL+ is owned and managed by ski-industry veteran Siegfried Rumpfhuber. A former alpine ski racer, Rumpfhuber has previously worked as the International Product Manager at Fischer Skis and CEO of Kästle Skis during the brand’s successful relaunch. He brings extensive industry experience to the ORIGINAL+ brand.

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