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Holiday display tips/ideas/inspiration for the busy time

November 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

Holiday display tips/ideas/inspiration for the busy time   

November and December are months that typically make up the lion’s share of a retailer’s bottom line. Last year’s dismal, decidedly not winter weather in parts of the U.S. is still a thorn in some retailer’s side.  But the last two months of the year offer opportunities for stores to shine with warm, inviting shopping experiences.

Whether your holiday displays come straight out of a box or you invest time into making them yourself, now is the best time to wow your customers during this special time of year.

Below I have collected examples of easy to find decorating tips to more involved projects found on sites like Pinterest.   And since we are all feeling overloaded this time of year, I’ve ranked these tips and ideas on a glue gun ranking system for your convenience. 


gg.jpg: Easy to execute for the novice crafter.

gg.jpggg.jpg:  Will require more time and A LOT of glitter.

 gg.jpggg.jpggg.jpg:  Get out the skill saw.



Lights!     gg.jpg


There are so many lighting options these days- readily available from stores like Target, Michael’s and Home Depot.  Lights brighten up dark spaces, add dazzle to displays and evoke a warm holiday feel.


1 & 2) Pick up some pre-made artificial (or real) wreaths.  Spray with fake snow.  Add impulse buy items like wax, socks, lip balm, etc.  

3) Add easy peel and stick snowflakes to windows. 

4) Purchase some coordinating small trees and scatter throughout your store.  Holiday done.  You’re welcome.


Line the bottom of display cases with sparkly gift wrap.  Grab paint swatches from the hardware store and make your own holiday cards – idea courtesy of Pinterest.


If you have planters – don’t put them in storage just yet.  Plant a nice assortment of fragrant herbs, like sage and rosemary.  Grasses and pine branches add color and texture. 


1) Why buy decorative pinecones when you can find them under an evergreen tree? Make sure they are dry. Pick up a can of spray glue and lots of glitter.  Do this outside- glitter gets everywhere!

2) Styrofoam spheres make easy snowballs. Use your can of spray glue and again… lots of glitter.  Scatter them throughout your store – hang from the ceiling, or make lots of snowmen.

3) Why not define snowflakes in a new way by making interesting shapes that you can hang with fishing line from grid hung from the ceiling.  Extra points if you cover with glitter.


Last year at the Denver Snowshow, Outdoor Tech’s booth was incredibly original.  One of their designers crafted mini scenes under glass highlighting different products.  This winter scene made me think of the dollhouses I had as a kid, or the train sets my brother used to make using lots of miniatures.  You can find the pieces and parts you need at Michael’s.  Imagine this in your front window or a display case located at the cash wrap.  It’s nostalgic and a really fun idea.


This old window serves as a great showcase for holiday cards you receive from your vendors, friends and family.  Hang in your front window and why not invite employees and your best customers to share some of their favorite family photos as well.


This is an inventive way to repurpose a wood palette.    Courtesy of Pinterest.

Hopefully you have been inspired and are running out to your local craft shop after reading this post!  Here’s to a prosperous winter – and more importantly to a prosperous New Year for all.

Bonus:  Creating holiday windows at Barneys New York from 2015.  Take a look inside luxury retailer Barneys and the work that goes behind creating some of the most iconic window displays in the world.


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