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Holiday Shopping and Closing the Sale at Retail

December 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Holiday shopping and closing the sale.


As I type this, some of you may be experiencing a slight holiday shopping panic attack.  With a little under two weeks left to wrap up the wrapping, time is a precious commodity as we scramble to cross people off our holiday gift-giving list.

Now is a perfect opportunity for you the retailer to achieve superman status as procrastinators (myself included) rally to pick up last minute presents.

Gift tables are nothing new in the world of retail, but they are a strategic silent salesperson. By putting together gift ideas centered around athletic pursuits, color preferences or someone who is stumped on what gift to give, gift tables are a surefire way to help close a quick sale.  Assortments that convey quick message help take the guesswork out of holiday shopping.  Gift tables can also generate some nice impulse buys as well for the person doing the shopping.  “Gee, I never knew I needed…..”.  

Image 1.jpg             Image 2-2.jpg

Pick an activity and run with it to create a stand out gift idea display.

Other quick and easy ways to cash in on last minute shoppers:

Crank the holiday music.

Offer to gift-wrap.

Do some creative last minute guerilla marketing.

Recruit some employees to model outfits, stand in window displays, and interact with shoppers in a fun way. Online shopping traffic is up this year and why not give your customer a reason to shop brick and mortar. 


Be sure to keep gift tables fully stocked and change up the theme if you have time every few days.  This should give you a sure fire advantage to cash in on sales at the eleventh hour. 


Happy Holidays!!!


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