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ICYMI Roundup: Top Interviews of 2015

March 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

In case you missed it (ICYMI)…we wanted to take a moment and revisit some of our favorite interviews of 2015. Hope you enjoy the industry leaders’ insights, retailer spotlights and more. 

  • The Next Generation of Reps, Part Two: Rising Stars From the Pacific Northwest

At the end of each summer, we ask our SIA field reps to choose a few sales reps they think are up and coming in the industry. Our first installment featured Miriam Mudrak, Tanner Rowe and Ben Dubay,  whose names were suggested by our Eastern Sales and Marketing Manager, Ed Wray, and our Rocky Mountain and Central Region Sales and Marketing Manager, Reddy Kennedy. In addition, we featured Mervin Manufacturing reps Nichole Nemmers and Nikki SterninHere, in Part Two, we feature a couple of reps suggested by Dave Wray, our Western Sales and Marketing Manager. Here is a peek into the lives of two more next generation reps who really demonstrate the passion that drives success in our industry. 

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Want to Stop Retail Showrooming? Start Training Your Staff

We recently came upon a video from the series Knowledge@Wharton, titled “Want to Stop Retail Showrooming? Start Training Your Staff,” that seemed to spark some intrigue. In our SIA Spotlight, we ran a Showrooming series offering insights, ideas, methods and tips to rise above this challenge. This video takes a slightly different, yet similar approach.


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Building a Tribe: To Connect With Millennials, Brands Are Most Successful When They Stop Thinking and Start Feeling

After speaking with many industry leaders, it’s become clear that the multi-faceted and sometimes overwhelming issue of how to engage with Gen Y can boil down into some simple truths. The snow sports businesses that are most successful on this issue seem to be the ones who aren’t necessarily trying. Instead, they’re the ones who are simply loving this sport, loving this industry, and so of course, they’re loving their customers because they’re the people who are as passionate about it as the brands are themselves. Simply put, these businesses look at their participants and customers as members of their tribe, and they’re always working to draw their tribe together.


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3 Runs With Volcom’s Global SVP of Product, Dutch Schultz

Like most of us, combining passion and profession is the ultimate perk but for Dutch Schultz, who has been in the industry for 20 plus years, an alternative career was not even an option in his eyes.  Now that’s passion.

Read on for our interview with Dutch, and find links to our other board member interviews with Annelise Loevelie of Icelantic, Rhonda Swensen fo Krimson Klover and Dan “Sully” Sullivan of Rome Snowboards:


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POW’s #COP21 Message: “This was the tipping point we’ve been working towards for years. It’s huge.”

It’s been an incredible year for Protect Our Winters. They rallied the industry to sign the Clean Power Plan letter that they presented at the White House, worked with Ben and Jerry’s and New Belgium to spread the word through music, ice cream and beer, and headed to Paris to represent the industry at the historic United Nations COP21 Climate Conference. Now we look forward to having POW at the Show for some incredible speakers they’ve lined up. Read on for a recap of all POW’s work in 2015:


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SIA Summer Field Trip: Never Summer

In the summer, we make time to travel and visit with members to check in, make connections and renew friendships. Check out our trip to the Never Summer factory in Colorado.


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