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Inclusion Training – Session Eight with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

October 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

October 23, 2020

Hello everyone,

I would like for us to do a bit of a recap for us to comprehend our inclusive path.

  1. To fully comprehend the attributes that make us who we are, we conducted a strength assessment. By understanding our strengths we have established a foundation of comfortability as we prepare to embark on the unknown of inclusion.
  2. We have a strategic inclusive goal that we have established based on our strengths. We have also been thinking, feeling, and acting on inclusion. We conducted a SOAR Analysis to address our specific areas of opportunities and desired results.
  3. We have taken time to understand our ‘why’? When we know why we do what we do, we can begin to align that why with inclusion. Exposing ourselves to various perspectives helps us to see ourselves in each other’s stories. We can determine our motivational factors and be able to create the influence needed.

As we are concluding the Root Cause Analysis, inclusion isn’t about just including various minority groups, LGBTQ+, those that are disabled, or even genders. Inclusion at the core is an ideology that we are all interconnected. There is a gap in the various strengths that individuals have access to if excluding others is an integral part of a person’s lived experiences.

In conclusion, why should inclusion be a priority? Take a moment and read these two articles that address the business case and why the business case may not be the best determining factor.

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Have a fantastic day!

  • Understand your current sentiment.
  • The value of inclusion even in the COVID era
  • When you know your why, your how and your what develop organically

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