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Inclusion Training – Session Five with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

October 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

October 2, 2020

Howdy SIA members,

It is simply a delight to be guiding you in your inclusive journey. One of the many things I love about practicing inclusive behaviors is that every day is an adventure. The experience never gets old. I am consistently learning more about others, and most importantly, I am learning about myself. Ultimately, when it comes to inclusion, inclusion is nothing more than enjoying all that this life has to offer by choosing to include it.

Inclusion entails living a life filled with zest and possibilities. It involves the ability to leverage those uncomfortable moments to “see what you are made of,” which makes life experiences so exhilarating. Many within the snow sports industry became involved in this community because of the freedom the winter experience provides, the beautiful landscape, and the ultimate adventure. Fostering inclusion includes those same attributes.

You already have the tools to create inclusion, you just didn’t know it, but I will show you how. In this next phase of the SWORD Inclusion system titled: PHASE TWO: ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS, you will leverage the idea of understanding your ‘why.’ Why are you doing what you are doing? What motivates you? What fuels you?

In this process, you will begin to understand your root cause and become grounded in your purpose to move you forward. This segment is genuinely one of my favorites because you become clear in understanding your purpose, and once you know your goal, it brings clarity to your inclusive path.

When our purpose drives us, we can reach a tipping point where we can craft a more inclusive winter sports experience that emphasizes participation in a season that we all love. There is nothing like having a skill, sharing it with another, and witnessing the magnitude of that involvement. In this segment, take time to answer the following questions in-depth:

  • Considering Strength, Opportunities, and Aspirations, what measures can we put in place?
  • What are 3 to 5 indicators that address the bottom line?
  • What resources are needed?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts at [email protected]

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I want to know your thoughts, and if there is any additional information that I can provide, please do let me know.

Have a fantastic day!

Dr. Gerilyn Davis

PHASE TWO Root Cause Analysis

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