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Inclusion Training – Session Seven with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

October 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

October 16, 2020

Welcome, SIA members, to another engaging session!

While I recently noted a survey in one of my previous introductions, I believe it is crucial to convey the significance of assessing those perspectives extracted from those surveys and utilizing that information to take the initiative. In this context, you begin to recognize that this shifting of thought, feeling, and action prompts emotional triggers. 

When you begin to take intentional effort based on gaining a pulse of the current landscape, it will be uncomfortable temporarily until it gets comfortable. Hence, the reason for addressing emotional triggers with a proactive stance. In this phase, recognizing emotional triggers is a sign of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership trait for our current landscape. The ability to develop strong interpersonal skills by first understanding our perspectives is vital. We can’t begin to understand another person’s lived experience until we can recognize our own. In this session, we address what happens when we start to go into the unknown of our inclusive journey. We will experience emotional triggers.

Emotional triggers are the emotional responses that can either propel us forward or hinder progression. In each encounter, an individual or leader must be fully aware of the behaviors that prompt discomfort by recognizing them before they arise. I have provided several articles to assist with acknowledging these triggers.

Review the articles below and begin to list the moments or encounters that bring discomfort, then determine strategies that will be needed to mitigate this discomfort. Establishing the plan for emotional triggers will be an essential factor in gaining momentum in the later segments of the SWORD Inclusion System.

Forbes article by Janet Fouts – “Managing Emotional Triggers At Work” – read here

Article by Judith Orloff M.D. – “5 Strategies to Heal Your Emotional Triggers” – read here

Our emotional responses begin to lose their power over us as we are proactive in accepting our whole selves. The Root Cause addresses our emotions and our soul, which is our interconnectedness to all there is. It’s a beautiful journey, and our ‘why’ provides that perspective.

Once again, feel free to reach out if you have any additional comments or questions at [email protected].


Dr. Gerilyn Davis


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