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Merchandising: Have a Heart – Save a Ski

July 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Many ski and/or snowboard shops have old skis and/or boards lying around. We have all seen snowboard benches, Adirondack style chairs made from old skis and of course we cannot forget the ubiquitous repair shop staple – the shot ski. 


Old hardgoods live on in a number of incarnations. Ski boot planters for example. And why not a dressing room ski clothing hook?

Merchandising around your shop with old equipment headed to the dumpster is an easy way to show off your authentic side.  Plus if you have to drill extra holes, no harm – no foul – it’s an old ski!


Try and find fresh and creative ways to incorporate oddball equipment into new found display magic. The possibilities are virtually endless, from a ski rack made from old skis to a fixture made with old skis – why not play around with some designs.


 images courtesy of Pinterest


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