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New Inbounds Uphill Travel E-Learning Course Gives You Free Tips for How to Skin Uphill

November 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (November 30, 2021) – The new Inbounds Uphill Travel E-Learning Course from the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) explains how to use the gear and how to apply the skills you need to learn how to skin uphill inbounds at a resort this season.

Uphill travel, also called “skinning” or “touring,” is where skiers and riders attach skins – equipment that grips the snow – to the bottom of their skis or snowboard to travel uphill, according to PSIA Telemark Team Coach Gregory Dixon.

The free course includes content for alpine skiers, snowboarders, and telemark skiers.

“This course covers the safety, policies, and best techniques for uphill travel,” said PSIA-AASI Digital Learning Manager Kelly Levitas. “Uphill travel, or ‘earning your turns,’ is more popular than ever, and this course will provide anyone with free education to learn how to safely and efficiently skin inbounds this winter.”

Dixon, an expert at teaching skiers and riders how to skin uphill, said the course covers the skills needed to make uphill touring easier and more fun for everyone.

“This season, you can learn more about the world of self-powered uphill travel within your ski area boundaries,” said Dixon. “Earning your turns is a great way to experience the mountain.”

Take this course to:

  1. Learn all the benefits of skinning uphill.
  2. Familiarize yourself with touring equipment and how to use it.
  3. Learn about inbound access at resorts and safety considerations.
  4. Get tips on skinning techniques and best practices.

Here’s how to access the course:

  1. Visit
  2. If you’re a member, log in.
  3. If you’re a non-member, click on Create a Free Non-Member PSIA-AASI Account, then create a username and password, and return to
  4. Scroll down and click on the Uphill Travel E-Learning course.
  5. Click on Add to Cart (you will not be charged, the course is free).
  6. Click on View Cart then click on Proceed to Checkout.
  7. Once you check out, click the link in blue to access the course.

Levitas and Dixon emphasize it’s important for skiers and snowboarders to continue to educate themselves about specific resort policies and safety considerations, and this course is a great place to start.

After users take the course, they can get more tips and tricks on PSIA-AASI’s Uphill Travel Tips page or follow PSIA-AASI on Facebook @thesnowpros and Instagram @thesnowpros.

The Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) is a nonprofit education association – and close-knit community – of more than 32,000 snowsports professionals dedicated to creating life-changing experiences for others through snowsports instruction. PSIA-AASI members give people the gift of freedom, health, and the ability to enjoy sports that will reward them for life. Members of PSIA-AASI are busy creating the future of skiing and snowboarding – the association is there to help make that job easier, providing the platform and support to ensure their success.

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For more information about PSIA-AASI, or interviews with Gregory Dixon, contact Katrina Brinkerhoff at [email protected] or 720.963.4825.


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