SIA Research

The Facts Behind the Business of Winter

The snowsports industry is in a state of disruption. SIA is provides members with deep, well researched, economic and marketplace data that allows our members to have the critical tools to help better make sense of the changing landscape.

Throughout the year, our research team publishes proprietary research to help our members gain unique insights that drive their businesses forward.

Our members consider SIA Research to be a critical tool in their arsenal to allow for the strongest-possible business performance. 


SIA | Research Reports

The Snow Sports Industry Insights Report is a compilation of
research from a number of snow sports industry studies, including snow participation data and demographics*, general market trends, equipment sales, crossover activities and more. Published annually at the start of each snow season, this report is aimed to serve as a reference tool for the snow sports industry.

Research is a major component of the tool boxes in our best-performing members. Understanding measurable consumer behavior is important to our member's bottom lines. As an example, download this free “State of the Industry” report that can allow you to see the type of data and research that SIA is able to deliver.

SIA | Research Infographics

We are continually creating new and interesting ways to make the towers of data easier to read and understand. Infographics are a solid way of doing so without watering down the information you need. Take a look at what we're working on!