SIA Research

The Facts Behind the Business of Winter

The snowsports industry is in a state of disruption. SIA provides members with deep, well researched, economic and marketplace data that allows our members to have the critical tools to help better make sense of the changing landscape. Our members consider SIA Research to be a critical tool in their arsenal to allow for the strongest-possible business performance.

Adding to the firepower of our research capabilities, we have partnered with NPD Group and Adapt Analytics, two highly-regarded research companies.

For more information on available research products and pricing, additional data, as well as custom research please see below or contact your SIA member services representative.


Wholesale Sales & Orders Study

This annual report provides the most current data on the growth of our industry through an in-depth analysis of wholesale sales and orders. This report is only available to those who particpate in the research surveys.


2018 Participation Studies

No one understands winter business more than SIA. We know the trends, demographics and participation segments. Our two participation reports are designed to help you understand the growth trends and category opportunities in the winter business. The first report focuses on the overall participation across all winter sports in the US. The follow-up report focuses on those participants that go infrequently os who have taken time off from the sport in an effort to learn more about motivations and habits.

Monthly Topline Retail Reports

In partnership with NPD Group, these monthy reports provide the most up-to-date data on topline retail sales across our industry. Provided each month, this series of reports is indispensible for any retail-based business.

Our research products are available to our members and to the industry on reasonable pricing plans. Members can download reports directly on on the SIA Member Portal.

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