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SHRED. Partners with Lanctôt for Canadian Distribution

January 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

The eyewear and protection brand partners with Lanctôt for the distribution of its innovative products throughout Canada

Park City, Utah—December 23, 2019—SHRED. is proud to announce that it has partnered with Lanctôt for the distribution of its innovative products in Canada. Through this new partnership, the authentic eyewear and protection brand aims to expand its presence in the country, providing specialty retailers with a unique product assortment that serves the needs of the most demanding skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers.

According to SHRED. Co-founder, Chairman, and two-time Olympic Champ Ted Ligety, this partnership represents a new chapter in the brand’s growth and evolution. “Between our relaunch last winter, a fresh product collection that offers unrivaled performance, and the unique story behind our brand, SHRED. is now at an entirely new level,” Ligety explains. “And we’re excited to build on this even further by partnering with Lanctôt to distribute SHRED. throughout Canada. The company’s rich experience and stellar reputation will be invaluable as we continue to build on the incredible momentum that SHRED. is experiencing globally. We’re better positioned than ever to be the brand of choice for all snow and mountain bike retailers looking for a truly different product assortment that leverages innovative technology to boost confidence, performance, and fun.”

Lanctôt Vice President Jean Cloutier echoes these sentiments. “Lanctôt is proud to take the reins for distributing SHRED. throughout Canada,” he explains. “We’re excited to introduce SHRED. to our specialty retailers. It’s such a unique brand and offers unparalleled technology—and given that Lanctôt specializes in premium technical brands, it’s the perfect addition to our family. With SHRED., we’re able to offer the most innovative eyewear and protection brand on the market.”

Prior to partnering with Lanctôt, SHRED. had worked closely with Elan Canada for the distribution of its products throughout the country. Both parties are quick to share their gratitude for their time together. Elan Sports Inc. President and CEO Primoz Plestenjak offers, “Partnering with SHRED. has been a great experience. We thank them for the opportunity.” SHRED. Co-founder and CEO Carlo Salmini offers, “We’re grateful for our time working with Elan and appreciate everything they have done for SHRED.”

Salmini notes that the partnership with Lanctôt serves as a crucial foundation for the brand’s future. SHRED. will be working closely with Lanctôt to create a seamless transition, which is slated to be completed in early January. Salmini offers, “We’re thrilled to boost SHRED.’s reach in both the Canadian snow and mountain bike markets and know our specialty retailers are in excellent hands with Lanctôt. And together, our future is especially bright. SHRED is charging harder than ever and our partnership with Lanctôt only magnifies this momentum.”

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About SHRED.

SHRED. was founded in 2006 by two-time Olympic Champ Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini, a materials engineer and MIT graduate. Skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers are often intimidated by the challenges they face. SHRED.’s unique eyewear and protection design and technology boost performance to give you the confidence to reach the next level, feel like a pro, and have fun. To learn more, visit

About Lanctôt

Since 1953, Lanctôt has been a Canadian-based, family-run business that specializes in the distribution and production of premium sporting goods, apparel, and eyewear. Lanctôt’s distribution and design expertise combined with its passion for sport serve as the foundation of its success.

The Lanctôt brands fall into 7 categories: Ski, Bike, Golf, Outerwear, Team Sports, Fashion, and Eyewear. Lanctôt’s unparalleled experience in distribution, its passion for sports, and its partners, customers, and collaborators have enabled the company to attain over 65 years of successful experience and a reputation for excellence. To learn more, visit

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