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SIA’s Quick Lap: Kurt Monigle. Monigle offers complimentary signage that can get your business and brand up and running safely and efficiently

June 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Monigle is offering free COVID-related retail signage to help retailers with re-opening. Tell us how you came up with this idea.

Here at Monigle, we specialize in the understanding of how consumers experience brand through physical environments. We have worked with several clients thus far on evaluation, strategy, and planning of re-opening corporate and retail environments with considerations of unique business and consumer needs in the COVID era.

Within this time and through this work, we wanted to give back to all who are in the process of re-opening. We knew we could do better to help businesses and brands than taped-up homemade signs, and we had the resources to help out. We purposefully made the design more human and friendly to make the experience a little less scary.

Hopefully these can be helpful to brands in a time of need – and if you need more, we are here for anyone that needs a custom design or more help on in-store experience in this new time.

How does this signage help retailers create loyalty and a good experience with their consumers?

We know consumers are eager to return to “normal”, but there is a fear of the unknown: consumers not knowing the process and expectations can be the biggest barrier to re-engagement, based on research we’ve done. And people engaging with a business whose process and protocols differ from their expectations can be equally as disruptive. These signs are meant to help consistently humanize the overall experience, and help both business and consumer navigate this new normal.

Why did you choose the green colorway for your signs? This seems very unique.

The green was chosen for its friendly, human context. This approach is for welcoming people inside in a more personal kind of way opposed to something that feels cold, generic and intimidating.

Thank you for sharing your signage with the SIA Membership, showing we are United By Winter. What does SIA mean to you now?

SIA has been a driving force for collaboration and education within the outdoor space among partners, retailers, resorts, and consumers. Monigle is headquartered in Colorado and our passion for winter sports and the outdoors is as strong as our passion for purposeful brands. SIA demonstrates its purpose by building awareness and support for forward-thinking practices that align with the greater good of the collective community – including its admirable advocacy for increasing participation and tackling climate change.

To download these signs for your business, click here.

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