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October 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

NORTH LAKE TAHOE, CA/NV.—After months in the making, the hard work of three Tahoe-based SOS participants paid off. Last week, the major outdoor apparel brand, Smartwool, released a one-of-a-kind sock representing SOS Outreach. The sock design was dreamt up and created by SOS’s very own Emiliano, Adrian, and Chris – all Juniors at Truckee High School and SOS Junior Mentors.

As a part of Smartwool’s commitment to breaking down barriers to the outdoors and increasing access to opportunity for all, they launched their “Socktober” initiative. Through this unique initiative, Smartwool invited SOS participants on a journey to design a ski/snowboard sock. All SOS artists who participated were able to get an inside look from Smartwool on what it takes to bring a sock all the way from an idea to your feet. They learned about the design, development, production, and marketing process directly from the team at Smartwool.

This unique opportunity aligns with the goals and mission of SOS Outreach’s Alumni Program. Through this program, SOS provides learning and networking opportunities for alumni to build meaningful professional connections and grow their social capital. Furthermore, in collaboration with SOS’s outdoor industry partners, the Alumni Program highlights a variety of career opportunities in the outdoor industry and beyond.

When Emiliano, Chris, and Adrian learned about the remarkable opportunity last spring to submit an art design that reflected their experiences in SOS, they were naturally drawn to a design that incorporated the organization’s core values- Courage, Compassion, Discipline, Integrity, Humility, & Wisdom.

Through collaboration, hard work, and creativity, the three young men submitted their draft to Smartwool. Their design was one of 18 submitted for consideration from SOS participants and alumni across the country.

After a tough process to narrow down three finalists, 1,350 votes were cast to determine one winning design that Smartwool would take all the way through production- and that winning design was none other than Chris, Adrian, and Emiliano’s.

“I was kind of shocked because there were a lot of other really good submissions too,” shares Chris. “So the fact that ours won means it represented SOS well, and the community, and that Smartwool liked it. I was really proud to see that our artwork won.”

Chris, Adrian, and Emiliano’s fun, energetic, and vibrant design brings to life the core values and captures the heart of SOS—from the camaraderie on the slopes to the collaboration on community projects.

“We all worked together, we all had the same common goal of showing our love for nature and our love for SOS by giving back to students and nature—and being a leader,” says Emiliano.

SOS is incredibly proud of all of its artists, their visions, and the talent they poured into each design to represent their experiences in the program.

“It’s cool to think a team at Smartwool has been working with your design- the marketing team, the design team – there’s been different people working pretty hard in the background and I think it’s going to be really exciting to see once the sock comes out,” shares Emiliano. “To be able to finally see it in front of you after the whole development process. I think it will be a cool experience.”

The development and manufacturing process is now complete and Emiliano, Chris, and Adrian’s sock is up for sale. To purchase it and support SOS Outreach’s program, go check it out on Smartwool’s website:


About SOS Outreach

Founded in partnership with Vail Resorts, SOS Outreach has transformed the lives of over 80,000 underserved youth since 1993. While providing outdoor recreation experiences for that many kids is impressive, it’s only a partial demonstration of SOS’ impact. Using a unique combination of outdoor adventure experiences, positive adult mentorship, and leadership development opportunities, SOS enables participants to unleash their full potential to thrive. Serving 3,000 youth each year, across 15 locations in 9 states, SOS provides opportunities for personal growth for the kids in our communities who need it most. To learn more, visit

The Socktober collaboration is an extension of the positive mentorship and supportive community that is foundational to our mission at SOS. It bridges the gap between talent and opportunity—empowering our participants and alumni to explore different career avenues and tap into their creative talents. It opens new doors for our youth to thrive.

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