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Under Armour’s Margaret Mussman on Improving the Brand's Offering With Technical Outdoor Pieces

November 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

Under Armour’s Margaret Mussman on The Sessions @ SIA

Growing up riding in Idaho, and then moving to California to pursue a career as a pro snowboarder, Margaret Mussman has seen the evolution of snowboarding and its gear first hand.  As Under Armour’s Designer of Women’s Action Sports and Outdoor Performance, she has been on a course of developing and improving the brand’s offering as it relates to what she’s seen in the market place and the strong design background she’s built.

“It was great because during that time I realized there were a lot of things I wanted that weren’t there, and that’s really what brought me back around to designing for products that I want and need,” says Mussman.

Under Armour's Margaret Mussman on the Sessions @ SIA

Under Armour’s Margaret Mussman

Her affinity for design began when she was living in Tahoe, helping friends out with outerwear repairs and even adding features to people’s gear that she thought was missing. From there, it evolved into a full time passion, and landed her the role at Under Armour, a brand that is still new to the snowboarding space but is quickly coming into its own with some technical outdoor pieces that speak to the brand’s well-established DNA.

“This ‘Go Where you Don’t Belong’ statement is true to us, not only to outdoor, but also to Under Armour as a brand,” explains Mussman. “You are going to see a lot of innovations that help the athlete while they are taking themselves to these places.”

One trend Mussman has keyed in on is the backcountry and side country trend, and honing in on ways the brand can translate that into the products that will make this type of riding more accessible to more people. “Little things like integrating your avy beacon, your shovel, your probe, food storage, in something that’s not as bulky—whether its a vest or backpack—incorporating those things into your outerwear, you can be ready for anything at any moment.”

Mussman goes on to explain where she sees the state of women’s snowboarding, and the how that has influenced her design for women’s gear moving forward. Watch it here.

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