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Who Are The Balanced Warriors?

June 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

Who is the  Balanced Warrior?  She may have been core in the past, now she has a family, her job has become more important, but she is still an athlete that takes excellent care of herself physically and emotionally. She is interested in healthy food, and in keeping herself fit.  She wants to provide her family with healthy diets, and with active lifestyles.  She values education.  She is balancing it all and looking good doing it.  She’s your customer and she wants to talk with you about products that make her feel and her family comfortable in a wide variety of activities from skiing to picking up the kids at school and everything in between.  And she wants to look good, strong and smart while she does it.  She’s the Balanced Warrior.

 KnoxFamily_Mammoth_LHeureux_8718.jpgPhoto Credit: Burton Snowboards

Throughout the summer SIA Research will present 16 customer persona, 8 for females and 8 for males.  Stay tuned for the Adventure Seeker, she’s on deck.

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