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20 Most Iconic Snowboarding Images of All Time: B4BC Live Online Auction is Open for Bidding

January 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

There is no better way to celebrate Boarding for Breast Cancer’s (B4BC’s) 20th Anniversary than with a fundraiser featuring the 20 Most Iconic Snowboarding Images of All Time, and an opportunity to own a piece of history. Trevor Graves, founder of NEMO Design and celebrated snowboard photographer, and Kathleen Gasperini, co-founder and Executive Director of B4BC and pioneer of snowboarding journalism, have teamed-up once again to create a unique photo and art exhibition in honor of snowboarding and B4BC’s 20th Anniversary.


The X Games Aspen 2016 will be the first stop of this 3-stop Photo and Art Exhibition tour throughout 2016, starting with a live online auction that is open for bidding now and running through the kick-off evening bash in the exclusive X Games Athlete Lounge at Buttermilk Mountain on January 27, 2016, ending at midnight. (You do not have to be present at X Games to participate. Pre-bidding starts here –, and will also be live online throughout the X Games.)

“I’m incredibly stoked that the X Games thought our Photo and Art Exhibition was a good idea, and wanted to host this event in Aspen and make us a co-beneficiary of their opening night party,” says Gasperini. “I spoke with Trevor who I’ve worked with before back when we were at Snowboarder Magazine, to see if he could help us with this fundraiser, and it’s turned into an exciting exhibition. His idea of curating the 20 most iconic snowboarding images of all time, and then letting people know the stories around the images, will really put this exhibition on the global map.”

Given the epic amount of snowboard photos that have been published over the years, there are some that have risen to the top to be considered truly iconic and inspiring. These tell some of the best stories about the incredibly talented, rebellious, and spirited nature of snowboarding, and those who captured its global growth that has forever changed the world of sports and photography.

B4BC was borne from this tribe and continues to celebrate the spirit from where it all began. The combo is a potent reminder of what can happen at the right time in the right place for the right reasons: the stoke of snow and making something different happen.

An online auction will give people around the world the opportunity to bid on the iconic global images, all in support of a good cause. This means the opportunity of owning a piece of snowboarding history, like the classic Ingamar shot at Riksgransen or the Terry Kidwell rocker air from Tahoe.

Epic photos and stories are guaranteed – check out this example below…


Photographer: Adam Moran
Snowboarder: Kevin Pearce
Location: Aspen, CO, 2008

“I have such fond memories of that one and drawing it out on a napkin where to set up flashes and telling KP to just slash since we were on a deadline for an ad. Then, ironically, I was told the next day it was ‘too set up,’ and they didn’t want to use it. And we only had four chances to try I think before we were thrown out of the pipe too! But it all worked out in the end.” — Adam Moran

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For more, go to, and also check out the online pre-bidding at

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