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A letter from Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications

January 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

Today’s news headlines are likely causing a bit of anxiety to you right now as a specialty business owner tied to retail. Stories about tariffs, the government shut down and quite an ‘interesting’ stock market are just a few of the gems we’re seeing in our feeds daily.

It’s clear we’re heading into another year of change. Good thing you’ve been training for this in your business! I mean, you’re pretty much ready to go pro by now as a change manager I’m sure.

It most certainly is challenging to drive a business forward through so much change and uncertainty. But there’s one thing you can do – and commit to staying obsessed with – that will help you actually capitalize on all of the changes: understanding today’s omnichannel consumer.

This is your North Star, and the more we know about our target consumers, the more we can safeguard the future of our businesses.

At the OR/SIA show later this month, I’m leading a panel that will give you a line of sight on this:

Managing the Gap: How Successful Retailers can Bridge the Digital Divide, Capture Attention and Build Trust with the Omnichannel Consumer in 2019.
Tuesday, January 29th
2:15 – 3:15 p.m.  Room 401 Colorado Convention Center

It features three all-star panelists: Paul Paradis, Chief Revenue Officer of Sezzle, an online payment platform solution that removes friction and creates convenient purchase options; Peter Kearns, Vice President of Business Development for 180Commerce a brand management and advising agency specializing in helping brands succeed on Amazon, and Teddy Schiavoni, the owner of the award-winning Summit Ski and Snowboard Shop, a two-store chain in Massachusetts, the founder of Slope, Style, Life, a snowsports consulting firm and a partner with Locally.

In the panel, we’re addressing how specialty businesses can compete for the attention and loyalty of the omnichannel consumer. That starts by creating a clear understanding of what our consumer expects today.

Our competitive set includes the juggernauts of Amazon, big retail and the social media giants. They’ve mastered data collection and through strategically using data, they’re training the consumer to expect convenience, selection and a highly personalized shopping experience daily. Our panel will explore how specialty businesses can successfully fit in to today’s consumer decision journey.

On the Channel Mastery podcast, I’m interviewing the panelists over the next three weeks, to supplement what we discuss on the panel. Head over to, and drop in on the goods.

While you’re there, give the first show of the year a listen. It was with Stephan Drake, founder and CEO of DPS Skis. You will be inspired by what he has to say, and how well he knows the DPS omnichannel consumer.

Yes, our world is changing all over again, but that’s the very reason the Channel Mastery podcast exists! Every week on the podcast, you’ll learn solutions to be remarkable to today’s omnichannel consumer. I got you!  

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden is an entrepreneur– as well as founder and CEO of Verde Brand Communications, a 17-year-old leading communications agency for the outdoor industry economy. Serving industries outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel, health + wellness, craft beer + spirits.

She is also the founder of Channel Mastery, a consulting solution that guides companies and brands to build and scale multi-channel businesses that are profitable, sustainable and consumer-centric. Check out her weekly podcast, “Channel Mastery,” a show for business leaders intent on being consumer-centric and optimizing the right engagement and commerce channels, as well as the “Take Me Outdoors” podcast, presenting interviews with outdoor community leaders who give our industries such character.

Carpenter-Ogden is an outdoor enthusiast, competitive athlete, sometimes Alpinist and passionate proponent of the Outdoor Recreation Economy, Conservation + Access to the Outdoors. She currently resides in Durango, Colorado.

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