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August Notes from SIA's President

August 11, 2016 | 0 Comments


I hope you are enjoying this warm weather. The leaves will be changing and the air cooling before we know it.

We have been busy the last month at SIA preparing for the move, interviewing job candidates, and continuing to meet with stakeholders.

Quick update on the move.
We have locked in a building in the Prospector area of Park City. We’ll be in great company next to POC, Avatech, Pret helmets, SnoCru and just a few miles down the road from Rossi, Dynastar and Armada. Eventually, our hope is to create a space that we can offer up to our members for meetings, line showings, and anything that helps support your business. We look forward to welcoming visitors once the dust settles.

With the new location comes new hires.
We have been flooded with the resumes of many talented candidates. Assembling a new team is always a tough job, especially given the incredible foundation the current team has built. However, we look forward to introducing you to the new team, spanning communications to finance, who will help lead SIA into the next chapter.

August happenings.
This month we are launching a membership renewal campaign (have you renewed yet?), as well as opening registration to Ski and Snowboard Mechanics Workshop. This is a great opportunity for shop employees to learn skills necessary to work in a modern, properly equipped shop. Please look for both important communications!

We’ve also been busy discussing the future vision of SIA.
From membership to programming, research to education, everything is on the table for evaluation as we examine how we can do things better, more effectively and with some fresh perspective. The trade show continues to be a subject that creeps into each of my conversations, further underscoring how important the Snow Show is to the winter industry. Even more importantly, it underscores how top of mind the show is to me. This month, we have had several key meetings on the Show itself, with the goal to give you something different come this January and something vastly different come January 2018. We are excited to present you with specifics on these changes in the coming weeks.

All in all it’s been a busy – and very gratifying – month I look forward to what’s ahead!

Have a great July! And, if you have a moment, please share your thoughts and comments via a quick survey.  

Until next month,




Nick Sargent



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