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Be A Part of SIA Snow Show – Don't Simply Show up

October 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

As a Supporting Member of SIA you have the opportunity to get in front of other members and retailers.  Leading into the 2017 SIA Snow Show, there are additional options available for you to reach a greater audience. Details are below, please remember the presentation must be educational in nature. Sales pitches are not permitted. If you need assistance in crafting an appropriate message, please let me know.


Free online learning opportunities that include both live webinars and on-demand session. Live events will occur twice a month and require registration to attend. Topics will be varied throughout the year. The webinars will be promoted as well as various social media and email channels.

Presentations at SIA Snow Show:

A limited number of presentations times will be available during the SIA Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center. They will take place on Wednesday, January 25th through Saturday, January 28th, 2017. Please remember, the best attended presentations each year give attendees some tangible ideas that they can act on right away. If you need assistance fine tuning your idea, I would be happy to assist. Companies will be limited to one spot if selected. Set up will include, including AV(mic, screen and projector).  You are responsible for bringing your own laptop. 

Mini-sessions & On Demand Recordings:

New for 2017 SIA will offer an area to present a mini-session. This is meant to be a 15 minute TED-style talk. These sessions will be recorded and edited for on-demand viewing after the show. This is your way to leave a lasting footprint on show attendees, while the in person audience will be small, the lasting reach will be great. Think about what knowledge, insight or inspiration you can provide in a quick easy to digest way.

In order to take advantage of these great benefits, please contact us with the following by October 28, 2016:

  1. Which of these options interest you, list order of preference: Webinar, Live Presentation, Mini-session
  2. Title of Presentation
  3. Brief Description
  4. Target Audience (suppliers, retailers, etc.)
  5. Name of Presenter

All proposals will be reviewed. Webinars, presentations, mini-sessions will be selected based on the information provided. Any received after the deadline will be reviewed on an individual basis as space permits. 


[email protected]



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