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Bern Helmets Calls on Outdoor Enthusiasts, Hobbyists, and Longtime Friends and Family to Join “Not Sponsored Army”

September 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Program designed to spotlight low profile enthusiasts and encourage participation in promotions, product development, and content creation

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (September 16, 2021) – Bern Helmets, respected internationally for its proprietary street-inspired helmets, for the slopes, biking, skateboarding, water sports, and commuting, today announced the launch of its “Not Sponsored Army” program, giving lesser known brand devotees the chance to represent the brand through social platforms, promotions and to provide input on product development. In addition, Not Sponsored Army members will receive a 25% discount on all Bern products. Interested parties may email [email protected], explaining why they love Bern Helmets, describing what is their activity of choice, and sharing images and links to their social media platforms for consideration.

“The ‘Not Sponsored Army’ was designed to thank our loyal fan base and to highlight people who live the #StayOutThere lifestyle” says Social Media Manager, Mickey Russell. “This program isn’t for social media influencers or people with blue check marks – it’s for the enthusiasts and the weekend warriors who have been representing Bern since the start.”

As part of Bern’s Not Sponsored Army, members will attend events, share content, and provide insight into product development. Team members will be profiled on the Bern website and will host interactive forums throughout Q4 to share their own stories.

About Bern:

Located in Plymouth, Mass., Bern, privately held, originally invented The Famous Bern Baker designed by veteran Jonathan Baker and worn by Seth Wescott, winning Gold in the snowboard cross in 2006 Torino Olympics introducing the “stealth Brim style” to the world. Today, Bern is building upon its 15-year legacy of pioneering street-inspired gear that sets the tone for style, comfort, and safety on the streets, park, trails, slopes, and on the water.

Bern focuses on designing stylish, innovative, and purpose-built helmets that appeal to action sport devotees looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Being the original all-season helmet brand, the Bern team is passionate about being active, and having fun. Bern strives to make high-quality products that speak to kids, commuters, casual riders, and dedicated athletes. Bern recognizes the fact that today, consumers are searching for alternative modes of transportation and is 100% committed to developing a durable, versatile performance product that excels in the micromobility category. Working with both in-house designers and respected experts in the field, Bern expects to introduce a helmet for micromobility in 2021. Bern is committed to its mission of providing enthusiasts with an experience that will help them Stay Out There and get the most out of doing the things they love.


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