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Best Practices for Sports Rental in the COVID-ERA

July 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

The team at Wintersteiger put together a plan to evolve your business while keeping staff, customers, and you safe & healthy.

To move forward in the age of Covid-19, rental environments are forced to change drastically. With some planning, reorganization, and consideration, our rental partners can lead the charge into this new world. The new world of rental will shift to be more customer-centric and technology based than ever before. Drawing from the realm of boutique rental/demo, the process will need to be scaled accordingly, but the focus shifts to using technology for the best customer experience while minimizing the number of staff who interact with each customer/family/group.

Listen to Ryan Eittreim, Sales Director of Consumer Products at Wintersteiger on the Channel Mastery podcast discussing this plan –

See this PDF for the full plan: Best_Practise_Flyer_WINTERSTEIGER_Final

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