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Camber Outdoors Presents Outdoor Retailer Thought Leader Keynote: Everyone’s Outdoors

January 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

2019 Gathering Features Executives from HOKA, Brooks Running, Scarpa NA, and OIA

Executives from HOKA/Teva/Sanuk, Brooks Running, Scarpa NA, and OIA will come together to discuss the business imperative of equity, inclusion, and diversity on Friday morning, February 1, from 7 a.m., to 9 a.m. at The Colorado Convention Center. Show attendees will learn first hand from pioneering CEOs and leaders including:

  • Wendy Yang, President of HOKA, Teva, Sanuk
  • Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running
  • Kim Miller, CEO of Scarpa NA
  • Amy Roberts, ED of OIA

The active-outdoor industries are at the forefront of embracing equity, inclusion, and diversity as a strategic business imperative, not only at the company level, but also at an industry-level. Furthermore, they are prioritizing workplace equity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.

“Research shows that while it takes time and persistent effort to achieve tangible, sustainable results, the commitment must be holistic and urgent,” said Deanne Buck, Executive Director of Camber Outdoors. “I’m incredibly proud of what our partner companies are realizing by committing to workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity. While there are many successes to be shared by the leaders of these companies, there are missteps and learnings experienced along the way that are equally valuable.”

In this era of business transformation, Camber Outdoors is committed to bringing resources to the forefront for company leaders eager to know what works today for success – it starts from within and from the top down. That’s why Camber Outdoors has dedicated its Keynote Event at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show to enabling business leaders to learn first-hand from four pioneering companies.

This gathering is part celebration, part workshop and part keynote, and takes place in Room 401 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

Pre-registration is encouraged and can be found here:

“Our four speakers are in different places of their journey as individuals and business leaders,” Buck said. “Camber Outdoors’ Keynote will provide an open forum for them to candidly share with other industry leaders and influencers key insights, lessons learned, and progress over the past 4 years.”

Leaders in the active-outdoor industries are encouraged to engage in a peer-to-peer dialogue at the event, intended to explore business modernization and sustainable growth through leadership diversity and inclusion. In previous years, attendees have benefited from the insights of trailblazers such as Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario, REI Co-op CEO Jerry Stritzke, and Burton Snowboards CEO and co-founder, Donna Carpenter.

“Camber Outdoors is so proud to be leading this conversation through showcasing companies and leaders who are trailblazers in leadership diversity,” Buck added. “The thread that connects each presentation is that presenters speak from their own experiences and focus on what is important to themselves and their businesses.

“No matter where you are in this important journey within your own organization, you will gain incredible insights and actionable strategies by joining us at this important event.”

About Camber Outdoors

Founded in 1996, Camber Outdoors is the first and only authority advancing career opportunities, leadership and entrepreneurship to inspire an outdoors, truly for everyone. Envisioning a future of “Everyone’s Outdoors”, it is the only national organization dedicated to achieving equity for all women and underrepresented communities in the active-outdoors industries, from the boardroom to the backcountry, through innovative and thought-leading programming and initiatives, including industry keynotes, the CEO Pledge, Pitchfest, Camber Exchanges, and a cross-industry/company Mentoring Program. Over 200 corporate and 7,500 individual members support equity through Camber Outdoors.

To learn more about Camber Outdoors please visit and follow them on social media.

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