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Dubai To Build World's Largest Indoor Ski Area

August 12, 2015 | 0 Comments


The world’s largest indoor ski slope is to be built in Dubai. Currently the largest one in the world is SnowWorld in the Netherlands. The ski area will have snow year-round. Yes you read that correctly, an area that has summer temperatures over 110 degrees will have a year-round ski facility. We are unsure how many skiers and snowboarders there are in Dubai but they must be very excited for this new ski area. The indoor ski slope will be 1.2 kilometers long and 180 meters high. Dubai already has Ski Dubai, an indoor ski slope in the Mall of the Emirates shopping center that opened in 2005.

photo: Meydan City Corporation
The Meydan One complex is scheduled for completion by 2020, photo: Meydan City Corporation

photo: Meydan City Corporation

photo: Meydan City Corporation

The ski slope is part of the Meydan One complex being built by Ruler of Dubai Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The ski slope will be a part of the sporting facility in the Meydan One that will include skateboarding, BMX, and mountain biking facilities. The 3.67 million sq. ft. Meydan One complex will also feature the world’s highest residential tower, a shopping center, 5-star hotel, the world’s biggest fountain and a marina. The entire project will cost an estimated $8.6 billion. The complex is expected to accommodate more than 78,000 residents as well as thousands of visitors. The project is part of an ongoing effort to increase tourism to Dubai.

Source: TransWorld Business

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