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Elan Announces First-Ever “Smart Ski” Prototype

March 31, 2018 | 0 Comments

Elan says it is officially introducing the “world’s first smart ski concept.”

It features integrated sensors that measure skier dynamics, where, for every action of the skier, the smart ski has a reaction translated into immediate real time feedback and data that is connected to the cloud.

“Our Smart Ski Technology is a reflection of Elan’s leadership in innovation. As consumers are connected across every touch point of their daily lives, it an advancement not only for Elan, but also for the ski industry to connect technology between the skier and their skis,” said Melanja Šober, head of product management for Elan’s winter division.

The Elan Smart Ski is currently in prototype/concept phase, not ready for production. According to The Gear Institute: “Ultimately, the technology could prove crucial in helping skiers understand how to improve their balance and flex by providing real-time data on how they pressure the ski throughout a turn.”


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