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Inclusion Training – Session 10 with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

November 6, 2020 | 0 Comments

November 06, 2020

Hello SIA members,

I do hope you are excited about the upcoming season; I know I am. I know this season will be drastically different compared to other seasons. Yet, I hope we can become inspired by our experience even more and be able to have a sense of gratitude for our encounters. I believe we can be grateful to be immersed in nature while seeing natures natural inclusivity.

In this session, we will further expand beyond scenario planning and determine what quarterly action efforts we would like to take concerning inclusion. We will explore and use action research planning to determine which objective is feasible as a quarterly objective and throughout the SWORD Inclusion System to create more processes.

The sub-objective in your action research planning is to determine your inclusion focus for the remainder of the fourth quarter. Options could include developing leadership competencies, establish an inclusion committee, concentrate on continued education for your employees, embed inclusion discussion into meetings, etc.

Ultimately, the significance of this phase is to explore intentions, to determine what is best for each organization based on the current state, and to embed a holistic review to inclusive efforts.

Here is my latest article within the Inclusion on the slopes series on that I believe will offer some assistance:

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Have a fantastic day, and talk to you soon!

Dr. Gerilyn Davis

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