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Inclusion Training – Session 11 with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

November 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

November 13, 2020

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are having an outstanding day!! We are well underway into our snowsports season. Snowmaking is happening and we are revving up to be able to enjoy the opportunity to have a winter experience. The season will allow us to appreciate the moments, and recognize that each moment matters; this same frame of thinking applies to inclusion as well. 


I have come to realize that it is the smallest effort that leads to more expansive inclusive activities. In action research planning, it is the acknowledgment of the intricate tasks that lead to a shift in organizational cultures and individual behaviors.


Inclusion is about being open to including all that this world has to offer. It is a mindset shift just as much as a behavioral shift. Hence, it is highly significant to have someone along the journey. In the earlier sessions, I mentioned establishing an accountability partner. If you haven’t set a routine to touch base with an accountability partner, this is the time to do so. Please meet with your accountability partner weekly to discuss topics about inclusion.


Some of the information required for these accountability touch bases I will provide, and others feel free to seek out on your own accord. Remember to think through why inclusion could be a priority. As you are thinking about perspectives, take a look at the following videos:


NBS Historic video.


The LGBTQ+ perspective in Snowsports.


Latino Outdoors Video – What does ‘representation mean’?


Let me know your thoughts! 


Dr. Gerilyn Davis ([email protected]

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