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Inclusion Training – Session Six with Dr. Gerilyn Davis

October 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

October 9, 2020

Hi SIA members,

You know, the one thing that I want you to know is that I appreciate you. If you are staying committed to expanding your frame of thought by concentrating on more inclusive behaviors, I want to extend my appreciation. You are valued, and you matter.

One of the most critical attributes of fostering inclusion is creating a culture where everyone feels that they belong, are respected, and are valued. I often focus on the inclusion piece, for if you are crafting an inclusive culture, you receive diversity and equity by default. If the environment doesn’t entail diverse perspectives or equitable representation, I hate to say it, but the environment isn’t inclusive. Plus, inclusion includes you too!

Hence, this is the reason why I am noticeably clear that the SWORD © Inclusion systems cut through the layers of inclusion by concentrating on developing relationships. As you are going through this process, the objective is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and deliberately engage in encounters that challenge the current frame of thought.

We must begin to think, feel, and act on inclusion and our strengths, and our ‘why’ will ground us as we continue on this fantastic journey.

In this session, you will address your strategic inclusive goal and begin to attach measurables to the intention. For example, if you want to create an environment of belonging, you will need to address your current state of belonging. Have you crafted an engagement survey to gain a pulse of your organization’s current condition, or have you probed yourself to understand your current state? It is challenging to move forward if you are unaware as to why you’re moving – this is one of the reasons why a Root Cause Analysis is essential.

Take a moment and watch Simon Sinek’s video on starting with why (watch here) and think about your individual and organizational why and what measurables you can attach to your why. I’ve also provided additional literature to set the tone for the focuses of this next phase.

Indeed it is a joy and pleasure to assist you in your inclusive journey! Have a phenomenal day!

Article in Forbes “Do You Know Your “Why?” 4 Questions to Find Your Purpose

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