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LÉ BENT Earns Two ISPO Awards in 2022 for Innovative New Products

December 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Partnerships with Nuyarn and pro skiers fuel inventive products for Fall/Winter 2023

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (December 22, 2022) – LÉ BENT, makers of next-to-skin performance apparel, is proud to announce two ISPO 2022 awards for innovative new products, hitting the shelves in fall 2023. Partnerships with Nuyarn and pro skiers, Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad, fuel three creative new products: the Feathertop Ultralight Hooded Long Sleeve Tee and the Cody Towsend and Elyse Saugstad Pro Series Zero Cushion Snow Socks.

Feathertop Ultralight Hoody

For FW23, Lé Bent introduces a new baselayer: the Feathertop Ultralight Hooded Long Sleeve. This new hoodie combines Nuyarn Technology’s innovative yarn spinning technique with Lé Bent’s Signature Merino Blend to create a higher-performing, eco-friendly baselayer compared to traditional merino or synthetic products. Lé Bent blends merino fibers (naturally petroleum-free, anti-itch, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant, and wicking) with rayon from bamboo (a sustainable source, which provides additional wicking properties, as well as a silky next-to-skin feel). Nuyarn Technology introduces a new spinning process that doesn’t rely on the traditional method of twisting fibers into a rope-like ply. Instead, Nuyarn combines the merino and bamboo into one yarn without twisting, creating a two-ply structure that has more volume, ventilation, and allows the natural properties of these two fibers to shine through.

The result? A baselayer top that dries five times faster and is almost five times more durable. It also has 85% more elasticity, 35% more thermal retention, has 50% more burst strength, and has 20% stronger seams than traditional merino products.

“It’s really exciting for Lé Bent to partner with Nuyarn,” said Lé Bent co-founder, Simon Blondel. “We share similar values and a desire to create performance apparel that ultimately enhances the wearer’s experience. In developing our Signature Blend of merino and bamboo with Nuyarn’s innovative spinning technology, we have created something quite special and unique in the marketplace which has now been recognized with this award. It’s very humbling and the whole Lé Bent team is stoked.”

“The lightweight, soft material feels particularly comfortable, yet brings a certain robustness,” said ISPO’s Award Jury. “The division of labor between merino wool and bamboo makes the hoodie a versatile top for a wide range of activities.”

The hoodie will be available for men and women in fall 2023.

Cody Towsend & Elyse Saugstad Pro Series Zero Cushion Snow Sock

Originally introduced in 2019, the award-winning Cody Townsend Le Send sock and Elyse Saugstad Pro Series sock, introduced in 2021, have been updated for fall 2023.

Built with the technical insight and direct skin track feedback from two of the world’s most respected big mountain skiers, these Pro Series socks are crafted from Lé Bent’s Signature Merino Blend, ensuring exceptional breathability, temperature regulation, and comfort. The socks also utilize Lé Bent’s Definitive Fit System™ and foot molding Memory Stretch™ to deliver a precise form fit, with a semi-compression zero cushion profile, ventilation panels for airflow on the bootpack and an anti-wrinkling, elasticated instep that doesn’t bunch underfoot. Innovative silicone strips on the heel and upper calf to keep the sock locked in place, and a technically knit achilles support band that drastically minimizes heel lift while you hike, eliminating blisters and hot spots. For 2023, Lé Bent has removed the additional toe-box cushioning after feedback from Cody, Elyse, and the backcountry community that it was no longer necessary with modern touring boots.

“Being able to work closely with the world’s most elite athletes to develop and craft products for a specific need, not only benefits the athletes at the highest level, but is able to enhance the experience of the everyday user,” says Blondel.

“It’s hard to evolve a product like a sock, but Lé Bent has done it,” commented the ISPO Award Jury. “The silicone grips, mesh inserts and comfortable softness really won us over.”

Updated Cody and Elyse Pro Series Zero Cushion Snow Socks will be available at retailers and online in fall 2023.

For more information, please find FW23 catalogue here. Product and lifestyle imagery for use here.

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