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March Celebrates Women-Led Companies: Krimson Klover with Founder Rhonda Swenson

March 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

Boulder, Colorado (March 1, 2022) Krimson Klover, an activewear clothing company created by women, for women, Celebrate the Month of March and Women Led Businesses.

A woman of inspiration, Rhonda possesses a variety of strengths, the kind that imparts and supports other women in the vastly underrepresented world of women in the outdoors. Please join Krimson Klover in supporting the #WomenLedMarch movement by helping us kick it off with a highlight on our fearlessly feminine and empowering leader.

Swenson is a former CU Buffalo, Texas ranch girl, pro road cyclist, ski instructor and international flight attendant. Combining her love of outdoor and winter sports and a deep expertise in activewear textiles garnered from years working in the skiwear business, Swenson launched Neve’ Designs, the industry’s first all women’s, all merino activewear brand for winter.

Swenson grew up on a large working Texas Ranch, where she learned to rope and ride–and to work hard. She is a consummate volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, supporter of Breast Cancer research for her local facility in Vail, and a sponsor and contributor to First Descents, a nonprofit organization that brings outdoor adventures to cancer patients and survivors. She has served on the Snowsports Industries America (SIA) board of directors for the full term of 6 years. She has also been a longtime supporter of Camber Outdoors, formerly known as OIWC-Outdoor Women’s Industry Coalition.

She is always looking for opportunities to contribute to worthy causes and to promote women in the outdoor industry, mentoring young designers and offering a role model for success with her female owned and operated company. She also works tirelessly to support female owned and operated factories and sourcing agents.

Rhonda: “I grew up in an outdoorsy and creative family and that has really fueled my passion for helping other women gain the experience to express their passions and fulfill their dreams.

Before my days at Krimson Klover, I have always made a conscious decision to support other women in both the outdoor industry and my community.

There are so few women in the outdoor industry starting at the top as brand founders and trickling all the way down to product development, creativity, and manufacturing positions. Supporting women in all of the job functions that it takes to run a brand is imperative to empowering females to find and excel in their pursuit of passions.

I’m proud to say that we have a female team working on everything from product design, material sourcing, graphic design, trade shows, marketing and more! It’s incredible what can happen when you reinvest your energy to lift up other women in their positions. The collaboration, communication and creativity that come from our team is amazing!

At the end of the day, if we as women invest in other women-owned and led businesses, that investment comes back to the community exponentially more than it does with most male-run/founded companies. I’m always looking for opportunities to contribute to worthy causes and to promote women in the outdoor and ski industries, mentoring young designers and offering a role model for success with my own women-powered and operated company.

Being a woman in business, especially in the outdoor industry, is special and I can’t wait to highlight more women this month that are making a difference by supporting the passions we hold true at Krimson Klover.

Update on what I do for my outdoor time in case you’re interested: I continue to ski both at resorts and in the backcountry, bike Colorado & European mountain passes, and travel the world.”

Rhonda Swenson – Podcast Live  – Top Viewership!


About Krimson Klover

Krimson Klover makes active clothing for women who chose to live boldly through travel, sport and adventure. Krimson Klover is female owned and operated with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Unique Krimson Klover designs can be found in outdoor, ski, and fashion boutiques throughout North America, Europe and Japan. Learn more about us and how we are inspiring women at

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