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Obermeyer’s Robert Yturri on How Sourcing Snow Brings Value and Builds Partnerships

November 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Sourcing Snow is the one stop shop at the SIA Snow Show for designers, textile experts and production professionals to meet face to face with raw materials leaders and streamline their production process. To get a feel for how Sourcing Snow helps Snow Show attendees find success, we sat down with Robert Yturri, SVP Sales, Product & Brand Management at Sport Obermeyer. Obermeyer has been attending Sourcing Snow every year since its inception, so we asked Yturri to share his Sourcing Snow experiences.

Do you specifically plan for your designers and production personnel to attend Sourcing Snow each year?

Absolutely we do. In fact, our merchandisers, product line managers, designers, raw materials and production personnel all attend and make appointments for Sourcing Snow each year (and have been since year one). We are so very glad it’s a part of the SIA Snow Show, it serves as a critical touchpoint with our overseas vendors to finalize developments with our current partners, as well as a chance to meet new potentials.

What’s the most important aspect of Sourcing Snow for Obermeyer? Is it a source of inspiration, or do you go looking for specific items to include in your designs?

For us as a brand and a company, Sourcing Snow overall helps us keep our relationships with current vendors strong. I firmly believe the more personal interaction, the more efficient and effective our partnerships, especially discussing urgent timely issues as well as strategic and tactical future developments.

In past years, what have been some successes that have come out of attending Sourcing Snow?

Yes, we’ve had successes every year both in finding new vendors and strengthening current supplier relationships. We’re a brand that continually pushes the envelope in design, which in turn makes our suppliers key to successful execution of what we’re looking to accomplish. Success to us means a ‘win-win’ with our suppliers – we grow, they grow – and many of which we’ve had as partners for more than a few decades.

Has anyone from Obermeyer attended the seminars at Sourcing Snow? Were they helpful?

Honestly, if I could make them all, I would – they are that good. Most everyone in our product team has attended at least one. I’d love to take the time to attend as many as possible this year.

We appreciate Yturri’s time and insight about Obermeyer’s Sourcing Snow experience. Companies are continually discovering Sourcing Snow’s one-stop convenience for design and production professionals. Offering the ability to deepen existing contacts and make new ones, to discover a variety of innovative textiles, and to serve as a source of inspiration and education, Sourcing Snow is truly a can’t miss Show for all of your Sourcing needs.

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Exchanging ideas and textile inspirations under one roof with makes this event a truly unique opportunity. Key raw materials featured include Fabric/Textiles, Insulation, Zippers/Closure Systems, Straps/Webbing, High-Tech Components, OEM Facilities, Wood Core & Metal Edges, Base Material & Plastics, Epoxies, Adhesives, and Anti-Vibration Technologies. Be sure to make plans today for your designers and production personal to attend Sourcing Snow!

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