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Olympian, Benjamin Alexander, Champion and Advocate for SOS Outreach Youth

February 8, 2022 | 0 Comments

No matter the societal or economic barriers that exist, SOS Outreach is committed to ensuring that all youth have the opportunity to thrive. For this reason, SOS is proud to be partnering with Olympic Ski Racer, Benjamin Alexander. Since 1993, SOS Outreach has been a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion through their robust programs that have not only introduced over 80,000 youth to skiing and snowboarding, but develops leadership skills, cultivates belonging, promotes social-emotional learning, and provides critical support for youth to walk through their own opportunities.

“In so many ways, this partnership highlights the alignment of values of Benjamin Alexander and SOS Outreach and further emphasizes the power of cultivating inclusivity in the outdoors. Because feeling welcome in the mountains not only catalyses outdoor exploration, it enables self-exploration and personal growth. Benjamin’s story is an inspiration for all SOS youth and drives home that no matter one’s background or life circumstances, anything is possible,” shares SOS Outreach Executive Director, Seth Ehrlich.

Benjamin Alexander is taking a leading role as a champion for SOS youth and actively supporting the significant impact of SOS programs. As part of this, Benjamin will be auctioning off an iconic portrait of himself, painted by the renowned artist, Lamont Joseph White. Proceeds from the auction will directly support youth in SOS programs.

Benjamin Alexander, Olympian, and Jamaica’s first-ever Alpine Ski competitor for the Winter Olympics 2022 comments: “It is an absolute honour to be supporting SOS Outreach, and to be actively supporting the youth programme. SOS Outreach develops key leadership skills through activities such as skiing and snowboarding. I’m an example that no ‘dream’ is impossible, put your mind to something, work hard and those dreams can become a reality. I grew up in Northamptonshire, England – miles and miles away from mountains, so was not exposed to the sport until a much later age. Working with SOS Outreach and the youth involved – I hope to not only motivate them but to help inspire and build future Olympians and life leaders!”

Benjamin’s key support and advocacy for SOS kids ensures that SOS Outreach’s programs can continue engaging youth who need it most. Become a champion, like Benjamin, for SOS youth.  Learn more, volunteer, or donate today.


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 Benjamin Alexander’s PR, Daisy Craydon PR

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SOS Outreach, Seth Ehrlich

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Lamont Joseph White


Insta: @lamontjosephwhite 


About SOS Outreach

SOS Outreach has transformed the lives of over 80,000 underserved youth since 1993. While providing outdoor recreation experiences for that many kids is impressive, it’s only a partial demonstration of SOS’ impact. Using a unique combination of outdoor adventure experiences, positive adult mentorship, and leadership development opportunities, SOS enables participants to unleash their full potential to thrive. Serving 3,000 youth each year, across 25 mountains and 15 locations in 9 states, SOS provides opportunities for personal growth for the kids in our communities who need it most. To learn more, visit www.sosoutreach.or

About Lamont Joseph White

While born and raised in the NYC metro area, Lamont Joseph White has a deep love and connection to the mountain’s spaces. Thematically, inclusion is crucial in his artwork. It’s often said that race doesn’t matter or that colour isn’t seen. He prefers, instead, to observe our differences so that we can better embrace them and create opportunity. “Skiing In Colour” is a celebration of representation and inclusion in the ski and outdoor spaces.

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