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Rental World/Backshop, Uniform Gallery Gives Buyers a One-Stop Look at Trends While Simplifying the Buying Process

December 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

Rental World/Backshop & Uniform Gallery, presented by SAM Magazine, returns to the 2016 Snow Show to give buyers an overview of all that’s new in these key categories. Featuring over 50 exhibitors, Rental World/Backshop, Uniform Gallery showcases the latest hardgoods rental equipment, displays and accessories, backshop tools and uniforms. SIA-Rental_Backshop_Uniform.jpg

“Rental World is one-stop shopping at its best. A 10- to 15-minute tour allows buyers to view and browse the entire scope of rental snowboard and Alpine products, as well as accessories and the latest innovations. All that, plus free breakfast and coffee—why would anyone miss it?” said Rick Kahl, editor of SAM Magazine

This showcase helps buyers narrow their choices and makes the buying process simpler. It also provides a respite from the intense whirlwind that the buying process can be, enabling retailers to make decisions in a more relaxed setting. This is especially important for rental buyers, as their success impacts the introduction of newcomers, and therefore the future of skiing and snowboarding.

Cameron_and_Andrew_Parker_buyers_Wolf_Creek_Ski_Area.jpg“The rental buy is so important to me because I feel like I act as a liaison between the industry and the consumer. If I make good decisions here, then I can help our customers enjoy their experience on the mountain. Ultimately, that helps them enjoy the sport as much as I do, and that’s my end goal.” –Cameron Parker, buyer, Wolf Creek Resort

Be sure to mark your calendar for these important Rental World events:

Eat, Fuel-Up and One-Stop Shop for the Latest Innovations, Tech & Style
Thursday, Jan. 28 & Friday, Jan. 29
9A – 10:30A
Booth 4501

Practical Magic: The 5-Minute Rental Fit (ski and snowboard)
Bootfitting experts and rental gurus demonstrate the tools, techniques, and talk that ensures renters get the best fit possible.
Friday, Jan. 29
9:30 – 10:30A
Booth 4501


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